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Sunucumuz sıcak, samimi, çılgın, manyak :) bireyler barındırıyor sende bunlarda biri olmak istiyorsan gir içeri rolünü al :)))
TransContinental ¡Bienvenido a Nuestro Servidor Discord!
International Transport Corporation : A Virtual Company For The Video-Game Euro Truck Simulator 2.
Bienvenido a ARN Logística. Somos una empresa virtual para ETS2 y ATS donde nuestro objetivo es divertirnos. Mas informacion en:
ViceCityRP EnsordecidosRP
Hou jij van gamen, gezeligheid, vrachtwagens, snelle auto`s, trekkers, boeren, roleplay ? dan ben je hier op het juiste adres!
Retro gaming is a place you can come and hang out/ chat with other like minded gamers that love to game and talk. Hey if you just want to make friends were here. We see Retro Gaming as a family of friends. And we want every member to feel like that belong and not like there forced to do things.
Gaming Community
We are an English speaking CSGO server in which we are in the silver and early gold rankings of the game but we play to have a good time. We also play ETS2 online and both vanilla and modded minecraft but the server has been designed for anyone to join and play any game anytime.
Olá! A NORTEaSUL é um servidor dedicado para as pessoas que gostam de simular! Como em simuladores de voo, caminhão, etc... Como também para assistir filmes, séries, ouvir músicas e jogar com outras pessoas!!
Gaming, talking and everything else. Join today!
GB Türk Oyuncu Topluluğu
Great Escape Gaming™ is both an Online Gaming Community and an Organization comprised of various web-pages and gaming servers.
HGVMP Türkiye Destek Forumu
This is the official discord of the Heavy Haul Radio. We are a small radio that hopes to become big overtime. Join and listen to us as you truck in American Truck Simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2. Or just listen to us in your every day life. Heavy Haul Radio, Keepin' The Music Truckin'
Szukałeś najlepszego gamingowego serwera w Polsce? Idelanie trafiłeś! Społeczność serwera skupiona głównie wokół Coutner-Strike'a i Minecrafta! Zapewniamy długie godziny świetnej zabawy w luźniej atmosferze. Zapraszamy;) Znajdziecie u nas: -memy -bota muzycznego -system rang -wiele tematycznych kanałów głosowych i tekstowych (również NSFW)