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Bienvenido a ARN Logística. Somos una empresa virtual para ETS2 y ATS donde nuestro objetivo es divertirnos. Mas informacion en:
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ETS2 & ATS Multiplayer Truckersmp Türkiye
Transport Grand Ouest est une entreprise virtuel sur ETS ET ATS
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Hello, we are Topside Gaming. A HUB for all your gaming needs. We currently own a FiveM RP server and an Arma 3 server! We also have a CoD MW Regiment! You can check these out in #topside-communities. We also have partners that helps you connect to other communities for more fun! This is in #partnered-communities! If you are a community owner and wish to partner with us, head to #apply-for-partnership. Our staff team is always willing to help you out in anyway possible. If you need any help head to #tickets. We wish you a great stay and happy gaming! Permanent Discord Invite Link:
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Sharp Gaming Network is a online gaming coommunity.
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Acesta este server-ul de discord oficial al comunitatii RomaniaElit!
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Die Hamburger Transport & Logistik ist eine virtuelle Spedition und in den Spielen ETS2 und ATS vertreten.
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Gaming, talking and everything else. Join today!
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Creators Trucking is an ATS/Truckers MP based server. We are looking for new members. Please join us today!
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Great Escape Gaming™ is both an Online Gaming Community and an Organization comprised of various web-pages and gaming servers.
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HGVMP Türkiye Destek Forumu
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This is the official discord of the Heavy Haul Radio. We are a small radio that hopes to become big overtime. Join and listen to us as you truck in American Truck Simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2. Or just listen to us in your every day life. Heavy Haul Radio, Keepin' The Music Truckin'
This is the Official Discord Server, and the hub of, Cercus Transport.
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Wellcome to Discord Server Of HenrysDino
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INDIAN TRUCKERS is an INDIAN based VTC established on 21st June 2020. We are new in VTC but experienced in the virtual trucking atmosphere. You can join us to have fun on the roads. We have a sociable and pleasant community. We have a trustworthy staff team and we also do public convoys across the map. Our main priority is to “Enjoy the game”. Anyone from INDIA or Out Of INDIA is free to join our VTC as long as they meet our requirements. We are an active community dedicated to EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 along with AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR. Yes, we also do trucking on Euro Truck Simulator 2 PRO MODS map. Thank you. See you on the road. Our Official VTC and Website
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HIGHWAY OUTLAWS If you're looking to join the company please submit an application at After you fill out the external application please head over to and submit your VTC application there as well. At HIGHWAY OUTLAWS we run REAL MILES which means speeds are under 80 MPH ATS. Thanks for coming to our Discord. One of our Admins or Recruiting staff will contact you as soon as we review your application
Welcome to ASA International! We are a company that is determined and eager to reform the VTC community and gain a name for ourselves and we hope you will join us! - We are a friendly VTC, our drivers are loyal, hard working and dedicated and we don’t accept trolls! - We take pride in our extremely high quality trucks - We are an up and coming VTC - We are motivated to improve the VTC world in a way never seen before!
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OtherGuy's fan server is a special community for fans of American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck SImulator 2, and other similar games.
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...The road to performance... - Active, friendly and a great community - Weekly convoys - Custom deliveries - We cater to both ATS and ETS2 - A helpful and friendly staff team S&B Trucking is for the ones who need someone to truck with (Not a VTC)