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This Server is for people who like the games Hard Truck Apocalypse! Discussion, Sharing mods, fixing bugs or sharing tactics for speedrunning!
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Community | Entertainment
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Community | Technology
Come chat with over 60+ vehicle enthusiasts if you like Planes, Trains, Buses, Trucks etc
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A friendly server for rednecks, farmers and outdoors-men.
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As otherwise stated, we have rules, please be sure to read the rules, we have active moderating staff that will take action if any are broken. We operate on a two warning basis, and while we love to have fun, we also want to keep things organIzed. Thanks!
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{-----Never Lift-----} Never Lift is a great spot for all things automotive, with an active and friendly chat and mods. Come drop in and talk about cars, or share your best automotive photography. If you love cars and want a cool place to hang out Never Lift is the place. -> We're open to partnerships! -> Show off your ride(s) to us. You can even get a role for your specific manufacturer. -> Post pics of your beautiful vehicle in the gallery! -> Meme bots and chats with fun commands! -> Gaming chats are here, from Forza to GTA and more!
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We focus on trucks, cars and trailers. Making new friends and having a fun time is one of our main goals