Caltrop Motorsports Icon
Gaming | eSports
Join a growing community and chill with some cool people. Join a team or even create your own team. Send in crazy and cool clips of you doing crazy thing or get the fastest lap!
TN C.A.R.S Icon
Social | Investing
We are new on Discord. Here you can discuss cars and post car pictures. # temporarily under construction #
F1 Racing '20 Icon
Gaming | Sports
Server for the game F1 2020. Find people to play with, discuss, share tips and tricks discuss the F1 season, have fun!
Assetto Corsa Servers UK Icon
Gaming | Social
👋Welcome to Assetto Corsa Servers UK (ACS-UK)👋 🟢Hosting 5 public servers (F1, GT) for Assetto Corsa Online🟢 🎧 Voice channels💬Text channels📺Streaming🔧Car setups 🎮Fun channels🕹️Other Games
League Sport International HQ Icon
eSports | Sports
What are you waiting for? Let's get started and push for success! See you there, and good luck!
Mercedes-Benz Discord Icon
Community | Sports
This is a public server for Mercedes-Benz fans on Discord. Everyone is welcome! Owning a Benz is not required! General MB talk, from car purchase, repairs to motorsports are covered here.
NASCAR Project Cars 2 Community Icon
Gaming | eSports
We organize Project Cars 2 NASCAR races on ovals, primarily Daytona.
Historic Racing League Icon
eSports | Role-Playing
Assetto Corsa based league for racing old cars and roleplaying
The Pit Crew Icon
Gaming | eSports
For followers and subscribers of the Twitch channel Nickov83 Gaming. Come join #thepitcrew!
RFactor 1 Brasil Icon
eSports | Community
Discord oficial do Grupo RF1 Brasil
H20 Racing Series Icon
eSports | Gaming
Wij zijn een race-competitie partnered met en organiseren league's voor verschillende games en niveau's.
Grip Rewards Icon
eSports | Gaming
Want to earn cash prizes playing an awesome pvp racing game?
DownUnderWear Icon
Gaming | eSports
Server for the Australian DownUnderWear team in HillClimb Racing 2
The Checkered Flag Icon
Sports | Gaming
The official Discord channel for, chat about Motorsport both on and off of the track, real and virtual racing.
Arkra1ders Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Forza Horizon 4 / franchise fan. Helpful tips with manual racing, tunes to use, custom race maker. Mod for Twitch streamer XxIRISHBLONDExX. We also do party chat racing every Saturday night (UK time from 8pm). Look for us on Twitch -
Formula 1 Community Icon
Sports | Community
🗣 Motorsport-talk 📝 Predictions and session debrief chat opinion discussions 🏁 News and talks about the upcoming/live sessions 📅 Schedule & results about upcoming sessions & events and stats of F1 Also share memes, wallpapers and talk about gaming, movies, music and other random stuff
Xenon Racer Hangout Icon
Gaming | Social
Hangout and Tournament server for Xenon Racer Pilots and speed runners alike.
Drift club Icon
Sports | Community
This server is about drift cars and talking about them! Here you can show off your builds, post videos of extreme drift clips and talk with other people for everything you imagine! We hope you have great time being in our server!
ACE Racing League Icon
Gaming | Streaming
We're starting a fresh new F1 league after a succsesfull 3 season with top tier drivers we decided to start a new leageu with new drivers as there is lots of requests to join the league we will be racing every Wednesday and Saturday at 19:30 CET We will start with a 16 races season every race will include a short qualification of (18 min) and a 50% Race Join our discord to sign up every driver is welcome first race of the new season is Wednesday (24/02/2021) I hope to see you on the Grid!
Inside Out Racing Icon
eSports | Streaming
iRacing Discord Server - Helpful for those learning how to get better at iRacing and racing in general. Lots of relevant content and media, as well as fast members to assist with coaching! Come visit and join the fun!
Indo Racing League Icon
eSports | Gaming
We are a racing community focusing on competitiveness and learning. We would like to grow with everyone and be as competitive as possible
My Racing Career - Discord Icon
Gaming | Sports
We are a community playing My Racing Career browser game, you can join us to learn more and start your racing career.
Bloody Rally Show Icon
Gaming | Community
Official server for Bloody Rally Show - a violent 2D racing game with procedurally generated tracks, inspired by old classics
Ferrari F1 Team Fan Community Icon
Community | Social
Keep up to date on the latest F1 news. Get free access to premium content! Have fun chatting with other people who love the sport just as much as you! Fans from every team and sport are welcome! 😙
Arcis Icon
Gaming | eSports
Gaming Community, big focus on Sim Racing
Formula 1 Fan Community Icon
Community | Sports
Info, News, Realtime feeds, Premium content and ofcourse fun chats!
RacingClub Icon
Gaming | eSports
la premisa de esta comunidad es juntarnos y pasarlo bien, ya sea en carreras con simuladores que organicemos nosotros/otros u otros juegos como rocket league, euro truck, gta v, pubg, etc.
TrackMania² Galaxy Icon
Gaming | Design
Galaxy - a TrackMania² mod pack, where you can have fun in much better ways than dull time hunting.
SpeedRunners Icon
Gaming | Community
Community server for the video game "SpeedRunners".
Toca 2 Touring Cars Icon
Community | Sports
Racing Old Game
Mopar/Cummins Icon
Hobbies | Community
We talk all things Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Plymouth, Chrysler, Alfa-Romeo, Maserati, Lancia, Fiat and anything with a Cummins in it!
FRS Flush Racing Icon
Gaming | YouTuber
Welcome to Flush racing! FRS is a gta ps4 racing server. Every week we host our weekly championship and other races will be hosted by race hosters. Its a competitive racing server, we race clean. (No crashing people, follow rules etc
〘 Mad Drift 〙 Icon
Gaming | Hobbies
Mad Drift
Team DL Icon
Gaming | Community
For car and drift enthusiasts
CloudRacingEU Icon
Gaming | eSports
CloudRacing EU is the race sim community in Europe! Our goal is to connect people from the EU for the best race sim experience! We will create and host weekly events and leagues in different games, such as; Project Cars 2, iRacing, F1 2019, Assetto Corsa Competizione.
Oceanic Gamers Icon
Gaming | Community
Steam key giveaways Gaming and Community
Northern Star Forza Club Icon
Gaming | Sports
[Welcome to the server] Northern Star Forza Club is a Forza-centric community with a WIDE variety of both RP and NON - RP options to satisfy your Forza experience! With an experienced team running the server, we make sure to keep all events fair, controlled and FUN! so while we're all in quarantine, why not join us in Northern Star Forza Club? We can't wait to see you in our server!
ProStreet Drag Club Icon
Gaming | YouTuber
Cars, Racing, Car Games, Need For Speed, GTA, GT Sport, Need For Speed Heat, Grand Theft Auto, Racer, Race, Fast.
RacingXtreme Icon
Gaming | Technology
Cube 2 Sauerbraten Racing server
Horizon Community Icon
Entertainment | Gaming
Forza Horizon 4 Server that holds events like cruises, car meets, tournaments, races etc.
Surgical Striker Icon
Gaming | Community
Pro Asphalt 9 team. Like and Subscribe our YouTube channel
SinCity RP Icon
Community | Role-Playing
Are only goal is to have a community that just Roleplays. Whether you want to start a business in the server, to wanting to commit the biggest cash heist in the server. Heck we even have gangs to try and make you scared shitless. Ha, well if you are down to have some fun roleplaying join now!
Team Racers United Icon
Gaming | eSports
United We Stand !
NFMA: A New bright Universe! Icon
eSports | Role-Playing
Just a MHA server that likes racing and stuff Icon
Gaming | Social
Vintage Racing community for Assetto Corsa.
Team Speedster Server Icon
Sports | Community
kontres , amaksia , memes kai kali parea :)
Assetto Friends Icon
Gaming | Social
We are a simracing community focusses around Assetto Corsa. Special events, league races, setups, cool mods and more! Join us on our discord 😎
Cybertron Icon
Gaming | Community
Assetto Corsa Competizione
Nascar Talk America Icon
Sports | Gaming
An awesome server for all racing fans to come together in one community to talk about the motorsports that they love most.
Formula 1 Icon
Sports | Community
🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 FORMULA 1 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 Do you have a passion for F1? Do you love the speed and thrill of racecars? Then this is the server for you! Help to grow the server and make it a brilliant community. Why you should join: ✓ A fun, friendly place for you to talk to other F1 fans ⌨ ✓ Live commentary on raceday to make sure you don't miss a thing 📣 ✓ Very active community who share the same passion as you 🏎️ ✓ Exclusive bot commands 🤖 ✓ Gaming zone to talk about all games 🎮 ✓ Anything else you want, just put it in #server-suggestions 🙂 🥇 Join Now!!! 🥇
RacistCord Icon
Meme | Sports
A server for people who love to race cars. This server is one huge shitpost. It scares me.
Retro Turismo Icon
Gaming | Community
Retro Gran Turismo Community
Speed Ghosts Icon
Hobbies | Community
THE community for everything automotive! Join us and talk about anything Automotive related. We are a brand new server looking for members!
[FiveM] Paradise Freeroam Icon
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Paradise FreeRoam, A FiveM Server that gives you total freedom to do ALMOST ANYTHING you want! We're scripthook friendly, So you can use mods like menyoo! Build ramps, Cause mayhem, Do whatever you like! a pre-configured version of menyoo and a video tutorial of how to install it is available in the discord server =]
Global Motorsport Icon
Community | Sports
The perfect place to discuss Motorsport, including F1, GT, LMP, NASCAR, IndyCar, Rallying, and more! Custom Roles, Channels & Twitter Updates. XP System to gain server perks!
The Shack Icon
Gaming | YouTuber
This is the official server for the RacingShack youtube channel. If you're a sim racing enthusiast or a gamer in general then this is the place for you. The server is open to all!!
Racing Club [arg] Icon
Sports | Community
Servidor para los fanáticos de Racing Club. Actualidad, viciar un poco con los jueguitos, debatir Todo sobre RACING! Sumate!
NoobsNotKnobs Icon
An Australian based community revolving around an Assetto Corsa server focused on providing a beginner friendly experience. all people welcome to join. server will host different track and car combinations daily and requests will be taken from the discord server.
LoPeN Icon
Gaming | eSports
**Welcome to the League of Perpetual Novices (LoPeN)!** This group is for those who love racing more than winning. Expect to chat and laugh a bit while bumping tires. Most importantly: * Slowpokes, backmarkers, and total beginners welcome! (We have some fasties, but don't worry: FUN is the agenda) * This will always be 100% recreational. * Honest accidents and close calls are no problem. Just check in with each other and wait up if you take someone out. * Wreck your car? Hit the pits, wait for some cars to come around, and jump back in the fray! * We announce the venue a week in advance, with 24/7 voice and practice servers. Above all else, we are here for close racing in a friendly, inclusive environment. There is nothing better than a high-speed turn next to a driver you trust! We drive assorted cars, from vintage F2's, to TCL, GT3's, and more. Flags drop 9:30pm ET on Sundays (Assetto Corsa) and Thursdays (GPL).
ForzaMoneyDrops Icon
Gaming | Hobbies
A new server where you can buy Forza Horizon 4 credits all legit not modded, you can buy my automatic auction house snipping tool, free weekly money giveaways, meetups, cruises and minigames.
The Assetto Sector Icon
eSports | Gaming
Assetto Corsa league, race and community server, with races happening almost every week and/or weekend.
r/formuladank Icon
Sports | Meme
The Official r/formuladank Discord Server, the best place for the dankest and hottest memes about Formula 1!
homestretch Icon
Art | Gaming
The homestretch is a horse racing sim created by halohte. It focuses on strategy, patience, and pure RNG. We strive to create a unique experience and bring a new perspective to Discord. Come join and see if you'll come out on top! Currently a work in progress.
NFS Heat (Unoffical) Icon
Gaming | Sports
Need for Speeds Unoffical discord server. Help new players or join a vc and have fun with your mates