Remedium is Latin for "cure" or "medicine." We are an active 18+ server based on helping cure lonely people of their loneliness. There is always someone to talk to in our server and we are always there to support and listen to you! We have movie nights, YouTube, gaming, vent, confession, meme channels and more.
The Church of Llama Houston is a friendly community server that mimicks religion by worshipping a llama.
A group of rebels who shitpost and have a good time. This server's not for the feint of heart! 18+ Content. Crazy Voice Calls, Crude Jokes, Custom Roles!
Nice fun server for anyone who just wants to sit back and chill, make new friends, 18+
A boba tea shop themed server filled with unique flavors! If you like gaming and talking, this is a great place for you. Join us now!<3
Gaming, musica, memes
Pra você que procura um servidor novo e sem frescuras, criado exclusivamente pra reunir a galera pra trocar ideia, fazer amizades, jogar juntos e muito mais. Junte-se a nós.
A gathering place for the parents/guardians of Roblox (and other games) to laugh at...uh, I mean with each other about life, family, and other experiences of being an adult gamer.
Hijinks is a prank call discord community focused around people with a love for prank calls and comedy. Here's what we have to offer: • 24/7 Prank Call Archive (Listen to all day prank radio featuring both classic and current prank calls.) • Live Show Notifications (Get notified by our bot whenever someone is streaming prank calls.) • Variety of Topics (We aren't just pranks, discuss your favorite music, games, and more.) • Point System (Earn rewards on our website for participating in our chatroom.) We would love to have you around, join us in the Hangout!
The most bold e-family you ever gonna get Our SFW server will help you break all the chains that hold you down from conquering - Weekly Events (Karaoke, Quizzes, much more!) - Discord Nitro Giveaways - Paid Steam Game reward every 5 invites you make - Custom Roles owned by you as reward
Servidor Español En El Cual Podras Compartir Tus Memes Porque Aqui Somos Una Comunidad Con Humor Asi Que Que Esperas Entra Ya!
Welcome to Dank Memes Melt Steel Beams. A Meme Community server with the focus of eradicating all instagram and facebook minion memes from the earth. But we are pretty chill too. we offer in server currency, movie and anime nights, a server music playlist made by the members, and we're always open to partner. So join now and see if your memes can melt beams.
The Water station is a discord built to bring Marching bands together, kind of like how water stations before competitions and bring groups together. Come join us and share the group with your band, lets make this a great place to hang out and meet new people. have fun!
labern , Quatschen , Spaß , Humor , Gamer , Zocken , Spielen , kids , Jugend , Alt , Jung ,
Hey ! Schau doch gerne auf dem BreakTime - Discord vorbei! Da kannst du dich mit anderen unterhalten und Freunde kennenlernen. und vieles mehr.. Server: Deutsch Jeder ist herzlich willkommen bei uns & wir wünschen dir viel Spaß. :heart: Wir bitten dich auf unseren Server-Regeln acht zu geben!
About as spicy as it gets