Role-Playing | Writing
Legends tell the story of the Haunted Duo—Legendary Pokémon said to be hibernating within the core of Akona. Old scrolls and paintings have been found of these creatures, but no one has yet been able to encounter them and humanity speculates if they are even real. What will wake them?
Gaming | Community
Tritt jetzt der aktivsten deutschsprachigen Pokémon UNITE Community bei und überzeuge dich selbst, wir freuen uns auf dich, gepflegt und kuratiert durchs Zenial Network!
Gaming | Entertainment
A server themed around cult classic RPG The World Ends With You. Despite the theme it’s a place for a wide variety of games like Smash Bros, Pokemon, or Animal Crossing.
YouTuber | Community
We are a fun community around the Nintendo side of the world, with economy from both Unbelievaboat and the Mileage Program for, we try and hold giveaways often!
Gaming | Community
Serveur Discord de la communauté de la chaîne Youtube Yubel Dark ! Centré sur Pokémon, de nombreux fans s'y retrouvent pour parler de leur licence préférée sous tous les angles : Stratégie, Shasse, Rom-Hacks, Astuces et bien plus encore ! Rejoignez l'aventure !
Gaming | Anime
Welcome to Glace & Esper's! We are a set of 2 close friends who have just opened up our brand new community-led pokemon server! The server was released to the public on 09 November 2020 and hope to see you sometime soon!
Gaming | Emoji
NS Kingdom (NSK) is a Nintendo Switch Server with a unique server bot/game and an amazing community. NSK is fully customizable based on the games you select, allowing for an optimized user interface. We also host tournaments, giveaways, and more!
Community | Gaming
A community where you can play Pokemon bots and have fun. V host giveaways for our community.
Gaming | Bot
Ik ben een Pokemon GO Discord bot die jou kan helpen met het opzetten en onderhouden van een community. Ik kan helpen met het organiseren van Raids, het melden van quests, en heb bergen met informatie die voor het oprapen liggen. Kom eens kijken!
Gaming | Community
Pokemon GO Nederland Dit is DE plek om met elkaar te praten over Pokemon GO, verhalen van jouw community uit te wisselen en PvP toernooi info te delen. Kom gerust eens kijken!
Gaming | Community
A fun way to connect with Dublin Pokémon GO players and plan events.
Community | Gaming
Discord server voor en door Pokémon GO spelers in Gent
Gaming | Anime
Poke RP est un serveur RP sur le thème de l'univers Pokémon.
Gaming | Anime
Yugioh Duel links group Enter and Let's duel
Gaming | Community
Le serveur discord donjon mystère FR est un serveur en rapport avec la licence de jeu donjon mystère. Nous sommes des fans de cette licence. Nous avons donc créé ce serveur discord pour retrouver et discuter avec les autres fans de la licence ! Rejoiniez dès maintenant ! :3
Gaming | Art
Must have some Pokémon knowledge to join, as in the name, the Odd-ish (as in the pokemon/ also the YouTube channel) 1s Out
Anime | Gaming
This server is a pokecord server with soon to have gyms. If you want to become a gym leader in the near future then come join us. We have various channels such as meme channel, trade, battle, spam channels and much more. We have a great community!!! So come join us
Gaming | eSports
Entertainment | Gaming
I have been working on this server since late last year, but it's hard to find people who are willing give this server a chance This server is dedicated to you having as much fun as possible! We have chat rooms like the Default Chat, Gaming, Anime, Superheroes, Star Wars, Cartoons, Movies & More! We have tons of games, like Pokémon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Uno, Idle RPG & More! Pokémon Tournaments and Hunger Games Tournaments will start once we get 50 members We have got tons of variety when it comes to memes You can also advertise your Youtube, Instagram, Discord Server & anything else you want advertised! And we also take your suggestions, to make this place as fun as possible for you So please give us a chance!
Gaming | Art
Comunidad en español de Pokécord! Tenemos diversos canales para acciones sólo de Pokécord y extras de diferentes juegos/bots.
Gaming | Community
Vous n'avez pas déjà eu envie de faire un loup garou pokémon? Poké Garou est là, dans ce serveur nous avons: Des cartes personnalisé Un staff a votre écoute Des parties chaques semaine Un règlement simple et compréhensible
Art | Gaming
A new server looking for new faces! We are a friendly discord server centered around Pokémon with a cafe theme. Even non fans of Pokémon are welcome here to casually chat and even play other games with us as well! Hope you enjoy your stay with us!
Gaming | Hobbies
Pokemon GO Montreal! Perfect place for finding raid buddies On the island or in the South/North shores!
Bot | Gaming
Server for pokemon bots
Art | Community
Nice chill place of vibe with completions
Gaming | Anime
Pokémon Go Raids! Active players! Flex your shiny or PVP mons, share pics of your pups, discuss interests! Stop by and add your friend code! Ultra friends is only 30 days away!
Anime | Gaming
My friend made a Pokecord discord bot and the databases are global so it all transfers throughout servers. Mine is Could use some activity :) you catch, trade, duel Pokémon. First to catch it, get it. No double catching. The bot has 2.8million users and has 3.4 million Po
Gaming | Community
Pokémon Discord Community Server DE
Gaming | Community
Serveur communautaire Pokémon français avec bot , grade et bonne ambiance
Gaming | Tabletop
A new server please read the rules and have fun. Also we have a casino bot, Pokémon bot and gaming channels.
Gaming | Gaming
New competitive Pokémon server with a gym challenge and looking to host lots of tournaments. So join.
Entertainment | Community
Um server com vários bots para se divertir, deis de bots de lojinhas de tags e dinheiros, bot de RPG de pesca e ilhas, bot de radio de musicas, bot de gartic, bot de pokemon para você vira um treinado, além dos bots tem chat para conversar e criar amizades virtuais :)
Anime | Hobbies
Join the largest Pokémon based Indian server on Discord, have fun, and enjoy!
Gaming | Community
**Introduction: •This is a discord server made mainly for Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and Pokémon fans! Basically a community consisting of these three, where people gather around to chat, chill and have fun. **What to expect: 🤗 : "very" welcoming ( err...sometimes...) 😊: Friendly community 🎮: Fun bots to play games. 😔: Somewhat inactive in terms of active conversations. (At least I'm being honest!) •Some community events you guys can hold any time: ⚖️: courtroom sessions. ⭕: Pokémon Showdown friendly fights. 👀: Among Us **Analytics (roughly guessing xD): 📈: •69% Ace Attorney fans •20% Pokémon fans •5% Ghost Trick fans •5% others That's pretty much it. Thanks for reading!
Gaming | Community
。゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。 Welcome to danimyuu! ˎˊ˗  ゚・。・゚ We are a community-centered chat and gaming discord server! Our main features include: ✦ Fully custom built bot, @Shiny-PINsir-Bot :pinmeat: ✦ Funny and cute high quality emotes ✦ Active and fun members ✦ Server events, streams and co-op games ✦ Game bots ✦ Streams done by Danielle on Twitch
Gaming | Meme
A chill, laid back Nintendo Switch server with great moderation, welcoming staff and fun bots/channels. There's also tournaments and giveaways :].
Community | Gaming
Join my server for dynamax adventures with actual people not bots! Shiny raid dens, giveaways, tournaments, share all of ur shiny pictures & even more!
Community | Gaming
En rejoignant SoraLiyah, vous rejoignez une commaunauté toute nouvelle basée sur les deux champions bien connus de League Of Legends : Soraka et Taliyah. SoraLiyah est un serveur communautaire avec des fonctionnalités originales où vous pourrez rencontrer de nouvelles personnes, discuter de vos passions et trouver des nouveaux camarades de jeu ! Sur SoraLiyah, vous pourrez choisir entre deux équipes : Sora ou Liyah. Selon l'équipe choisie, vous aurez accès à un salon dédié et aux avantages que votre équipe débloquera grâce aux différentes animations et événements qui seront proposées très fréquemment ! De plus, un bot spécialement conçu pour ce serveur est en développement et propose déjà des fonctionnalités inédites : - Questions de culture générale régulières pour apprendre de nouvelles choses toutes les heures. - Des pokémons à attraper pour remplir son pokédex (En français), arriverez vous à tous les attraper ?
Community | Investing
A fun hangout place to talk about all types of trading card games and collectibles, such as Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, Sports cards, Funko Pops, and more. Learn about the latest news and information about your passion here.
Emoji | Anime
A server with Pokémon Emojis for nitro users to use on other servers. Enjoy these amazing Pokémon emotes!
Entertainment | Gaming
Hi. If you like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, movie, art, etc This may be the place for ya. It can seem death but don't give up, you might discover something unexpected.
Social | Anime
Hello! Welcome to my server "E-Cricket server 😔👉👈", on this server we have a main chat for you to interact with other people; plus chats for you to post memes, and also any photos and videos; in it we also have several bots, such as Loritta, Mudae, Groovy, etc. We have an exclusive channel for Mudae for you to rotate your beloved waifus, we also have the Pokemóns system in another exclusive chat; besides our own bot I'm developing. For now that's it and we have other things you will have to discover personally hehe; anyway, that's it and get on my server! If you can, I'm grateful; Bye! My Discord: Lucasin Best Friend da Kallyne#0068