A small Discord server with 200+ members looking to grow! We have memes, gaming themes, art, bots to have fun with, lots of friendly people to chat or become friends with! We also have our own Minecraft server, so come give us a shot!
HUB MK2 (Hang out for United Broadcasters Mark 2) is about bringing people from the around the world together as a community; A place to learn other cultures, share insights of the World around them, Memes and even different aspects of the streaming/gaming community. We take pride in helping others and striving for a better world. We welcome beginners to intermediate to experienced streamers. Don’t be fooled though, you don’t have to be streamer to join this server. If you just like gaming in general and want to know more of the ins and out of different games, this is the server for you!
If you love PC's and Computers Come join this server and lets talk about them all.
SixtyFour Gaming Squad We Play : - PUBG Mobile - PUBG Lite - PUBG Steam - Apex Legends - Mobile Legends - League of Legends - and other games Together !
Tom's Hardware is a website dedicated to all things PC and this is the official Discord server dedicated to it. Here we talk about everything geek, from gaming to PC building to server hardware. Feel free to join our growing community of tech enthusiasts. All levels welcome!
Hello! My name is Luis Alamilla, I'm an independent video game reviewer with a passion for everything gaming. Here you'll find my thoughts on the latest video games coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and beyond! My content ranges from video game reviews, game previews, opinion pieces on gaming topics and more! If you enjoy the content then be sure to share it and subscribe for more videos on a weekly basis!
Chill 18+ gamers community intended to help gamers connect and make friends.
Junction 7 is an easy going community for general chit chat and discussion. We mainly focus on PC Hardware and music discussion, but anything goes. We have nsfw channels for /those/ people.
Hello My name is Paw! I stream mostly Ferst person sh ooters but love games in general! Our server is for anyone that may want to keep up with my streams and or play with me or anyone in the server! please be kind and respectful and welcome to Paw's Casita!
We're a server that is dedicated to building a community around gaming and socializing. We have ongoing tournaments and gatherings for everyone to enjoy! Come join us and play and hang out!
We are a community that lives to help others. We help with everything that has to do with streaming, whether that is setting up your overlays, panels, social media, or more technical stuff. Make new friends, network with others, and have fun in games!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) +18 only, pls.
It's mind over matter, If you have no mind it don't matter.
A server part of my Kimmunity where a variety of different games are spoken of great if your looking for new gamers to play with.
The internet cafe is a casual gaming community for PC gamers, streamers, and coffee-addicts. It includes a general chat, memes, gaming news, and a Casino with games you can play with the community. Stop by, say hi and join the community today!
Hallo und Willkommen bei der Zocker-Nation, wir sind eine Bunte lustige Community. 👽 Wir freuen uns auf Alte und Neue Gamer w/m ab 30+ Ihr solltet auf jeden Fall Aktiv beim Gaming und Interesse am gemeinsamen Spielen haben. Aktiv beim Discord-Talk sein und in der Lage zusammen mit verschiedenen Leuten zu Spielen. - Giveaways - Events - Stats - u.v.m. Wir freuen uns auf euch. 👀 Games: The Division 2, Breakpoint, Remnant, CS:GO, ROE, PubG Lite, u.s.w.
GAEA is a Greek-themed, South East Asian PC gaming community.
We are a friendly community of laid back people who love PC building, hardware, gaming, security and technology in general. We keep up to date on current hardware releases, software and games. With over 2000+ users! and growing!
We wear our vices on our sleeve and are looking for new members for our pretty functional family! We play WoW(Horde-Illidan), MHW, SFV, Warface, Halo, and a bunch of other games. Drop-in and say "Sup, c*nts" Warning: Offensive language
We are a friendly, mature, and vibrant gaming community of PC and console gamers. We play many different games and even do regular giveaways. 18+ Only.
Nintendo Focused, but open to all types of gaming discussion. Share cute things, media, and get updated about streamer's schedules.
Twitch.tv/hubbabubba88888 - Hubbabubba Gaming
Come here to chill and talk also to play many games with the community we are currently small but we are growing
Nintendo, Minecraft, PC Gaming, etc.
We are a discord gaming server focused primarily on csgo, but we'll play anything. Everyone is friendly and fun so join, be nice and have a good time
Special Armed Services (SAS) is a Foxhole Colonial's Clan. This is a public server with private operations. Players can request access to join the internal clan by taking tests for different jobs. Feel free to join and talk with the clan and others to organize smaller operations or to use our resources.
Hello we're a small community of gamers just looking to meet new friends, play some games and meet new people!
[Over 155 users] If you want your daily dose of content through shit posting regarding gaming, twitch clips/drama, youtube, news, music, then my server is most likely a great choice for you. Having a strong sense of humor adds to the entertainment as well.
The Aurelius Project is a place for small and startup streamers and content creators to collaborate and help each other grow. It is also a place for PC and console gamers to gather and find other people to team up with and play. Talk to other gamers, streamers, and makers on advice, tips, how-to, and troubleshooting! We look forward to seeing you there.
Just a place to meet new people, share some memes, and play some games