Join our community and get involved in our Reddit posts, memes and more!
Join our community and get involved in our Reddit posts, memes and more!
Join our community and get involved in our Reddit posts, memes and more!
fun, cool community, lotsa friends, dating and all that good stuff. come over and join peeps. Do mind the toxic environment though, but even with all that it's a pretty fun place to be in. Come and check it out!
Do you want to join an community where you can engage in a fun and loving community?! Well Fakz is your place! We are dedicated to making a fun and accepting environment for everyone! It's a place where everyone is welcome, no matter who! And you're not only welcome, we would love for you to join and engage with us! Join us today! You can also support us on Patreon! Remember that even in the darkest of times, Fakz will be your friend.
Chillax is a new community server available for anyone to join! You can relax, socialise with everyone, make new friends, take part in the economy, post memes, selfies, listen to music and more! We offer: - A chilled environment - Reaction roles - Colour roles - 24/7 music - Verified NSFW - Jobs (within Unbelivaboat) - Good moderation Join today!
Chatting Being friendly Fun Entertainment
Like small servers? Like being yourself without worying some noob's going to criticise you? So do we!
Official AFK GAMING Discord Server This is for all kind of gaming related stuff, so if you love to game you have found the place!
Memes,memes,memes and memes 24/7. Join now or... I don't know.. Just join darn it. No rules whatsoever. Trolling. AAAAAAAAAND advertising your own discord server. Custom roles with custom permissions. Level system. Just join already smh.
Hangout Motel A fun server for simply chatting and hanging out We have channels that accommodate every topic, so you'll always have a place to talk And occasional events such as giveaways or art contests Friendly people overall
Lexip is an awesome place to get to know people or get help with stuff. Make new friends by chatting or talking with them. We also offer some basic tech help to for those who might have gotten stuck in a pc build for example.
This server is a discord server for the game Fortnite Chapter 2 but feel free to discuss Chapter 1 as well. With New Features and plugins coming soon!
A fun and non-toxic hangout server with active staff and owners.
Introvert Gang is a Community that all Love Memes, Games, and Fun!
@everyone Welcome to The Multi server You might have some questions like why would I join this server? Well let me tell you there are plenty of servers out there they have basic issues and problems we have Levels Gaming/Chat Talk/Gaming Talk special roles And more
A level 3 server with over 400 emojis. Warm welcomes. Plus an owner you can ping and get a hug cuz idk why not. 👏🏻♥️
If you just want a cool place to hang out and talk to people without giving a care in the world, check out Chill. We are all here for a good time and just to chill out and meet new people.
The official discord server for the game Farming Frenzy on Roblox developed by LightSail studios.
Youtubers can get youtuber role and notify when they post. Collabs will be happening every few hours so if you want to join in on a video or even make one for yourself then just join a voice chat and notify Ript :) Welcome to the community.