A fun place for all OASIS players to join!
A fun place for all OASIS players to join!
A fun place for all OASIS players to join!
Pavlov VR FR est la communauté francophone officielle du jeu "Pavlov VR". Un jeu en réalité virtuelle de type simulation & FPS.
Australia & New Zealand Virtual Reality community server - we love VR and play VR games with others in Oceania.
Educators in VR is a meetup dedicated to global educators, trainers, researchers, and students invested in immersive technologies with virtual reality.
AI certification and honeypot/containment systems.
SideQuest is creating A VR Content Platform for Apps and Games
World Building Tours in AltspaceVR is a community helper event that celebrates the creativity of world building in AltspaceVR.
VR Community Builders focuses on encouraging inclusive environments and building positive relationships in virtual reality and beyond. This server is a melting pot of experts in the field of VR who want to advance these goals.
This is an unofficial discord of all things Oculus VR. You can hang out with fellow Oculus friends, or discuss what the future holds in VR terms. The possibilities are limitless on the Oculus discord. Join now!
VR eSports leagues news, broadcast and community organisation FSO. We currently promote and help organise 4 VR league communities and are building two new additions. Follow on twitch: https://twitch.tv/FSOnet
An unbiased server where fellow transhumanists can hang out
Assetto Corsa Drift Community A Place for other Drift Fanatics - Primarily for Assetto Corsa but Live For Speed, Forza, RFactor Players are all welcome - share your Vids, show your pictures and ask your questions!
This is a casual adventure group that runs simulations from the deepest darkest dungeon crawl to investigating a murder that happened in space. Its a bar with VR rooms upstairs, anyone who wants to run a sim is a Game Master and people who play are Adventurers. Or you can just relax in the bar watching and commenting on the simulations. This is NOT age limited, though we do have sections for those old enough.
Basically a place where I post game updates, memes, memes, and memes.
A comfy little community that was freshly made! We have VRChat avatars that we have made (you can also show off your creations), memes and everything else, including your daily dose of kitty pictures! join in and have fun!
White Elk is a game developer based in Los Angeles. We have shipped Eclipse: Edge of Light and Covert.
A modding community for AUDICA where members discuss and share custom songs, custom guns, mods, and more.
A community filled with diversity, new people to meet and play virtual-reality games. Everyone is allowed in the server even if you don't have a Vr and you would just like to hangout with new people.
This is the official server for StrikeTV.
Growing group of positive gamers and streamers geeking our way through the Twitchverse. The best place to meet and make new friends!