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Community | Meme
Multiple Daily Nitro/Game giveaways 🌟Make ACTUAL friends 🌟 Active Text/Voice 🌟 Events that earn you prizes 🌟 A fun community built by friends from the ground up🌟
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Community | Meme
Multiple Daily Nitro/Game giveaways 🌟Make ACTUAL friends 🌟 Active Text/Voice 🌟 Events that earn you prizes 🌟 A fun community built by friends from the ground up🌟
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Technology | Crypto
AI certification and honeypot/containment systems.
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Crypto | Technology
Teleport is a Web3 social platform for showcasing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in augmented reality and in the metaverse. Showcase Your NFTs in Augmented Reality: Overlay your existing NFTs on top of the real world with Teleport AR Camera. Enhance you digital art by enclosing it in the Teleport NFT AR Frames. Turn your 2D NFTs into 3D models with the Teleport NFT Flex Capacitor. PORTALS are Doorways to the Metaspaces: PORTALS are digital gateways to new and exciting virtual and real world experiences. PORTAL is a non-fungible digital asset maintained in an Ethereum ERC-721A smart contract. There are 99,999 PORTALS and PORTALs are identified by 5 digital code (for example, PORTAL ID 12345). A PORTAL is a digital doorway owned by users to build immerse 360° experiences inside of them. PORT is a utility token used within the Teleport ecosystem to create, and trade digital assets in the Teleport marketplace. Drop Your NFTs into the Metaverse.
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Role-Playing | Gaming
Made by fans, for fans. The latest news about Harry Potter - Wizards Unite AR game and the magical community.
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Role-Playing | Gaming
Azkaban Insurgents is a Harry Potter Wizards Unite spoofing server.We can help you with android or iOS spoofing and much more...
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Technology | Community
The Futurist Foundation is a non-profit organization with the purpose to promote crowd-sourced projects seeking to create an innovative & sustainable future, educate the public on the matters of futurism and to support research into legal and ethical questions concerning future technology and its usage. We encourage the use of technology to inspire and enhance global security, through promoting international cooperation of science, de-escalation of arms, and supporting research into existential risks. We aim to move technological progress forward by enhancing humanity’s understanding of science, logic, and keeping an open mind. We promote the inclusion of all people regardless of any individual trait and aim to ensure that everyone can benefit from the use of technology.
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Gaming | Community
👋🏼If you know what is metaverse, you should not miss it.👋🏼 Visit one of our worlds NOW, like it? SpotZone is an APP we can create & explore hundreds of Virutal Spaces, 3D Avatars, Games, and Videos.  It is like no other community before. There is no real-life stuff, we only talk & share our virtual experience! Every member has a virtual avatar and we build community in virtual spaces. SpotZone is gathering test users around the world. YOU CAN FIND: 🟡 Virtual space social 🟡 3D Avatar, 3D space, Animation 🟡 Anime, Manga, Movie 🟡 Meme, Video, Stand-Up 🟡 Games: Genshin Impact; Pokemon; Mario; Attack on Titan; Rick and Morty; Star Wars; Animal Crossing; Marvel; Minecraft; Fortnite
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Technology | Gaming
Digitifi is a community that merges Art, NFTs, AR, Games, and Charity all into Unique Projects. We are a very Diverse Community and we are looking forward to expanding! You Can Check our Website Here:
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Gaming | Fitness
BitPet is an AR multiplayer mobile game making physical activity fun and social. The game motivates you to be more physically and socially active as your pet's health depends on the activity from your step counter, and you can meet other pets in multiplayer AR gaming sessions which are fun and social.