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Gaming | Community
AlwaysAlpha is a Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6 server with online mode. We also have a server called AlwaysBeta which is on beta 1.5_01 We also have a classic 0.30 server called AlwaysClassic Our website is:
Gaming | Community
We are users that are waiting for our minecraft server to officially open. We are hard-working and we like gaming. Make sure to read the rules and the information first before chatting
Gaming | YouTuber
This is a minecraft server based around the old versions of minecraft, and a series on starting from 1.1.0 and going forward to the latest snapshots.
LGBT | Role-Playing
This is a server where you can roleplay ABO/Omegaverse with those who enjoy it and see all kinds of omegaverse images.
Gaming | Hobbies
Interested in Team Fortress 2 cut content? This is the place for you!
Social | Role-Playing
To sum it up, the Discord server has many things to do, such as bots, voice chat, and simply typing away. The server will improve overtime; as of now it is Beta.
Gaming | Social
A hub world to talk and hang out with your fellow gamers. Pretty chill and there are NSFW channels.
Social | LGBT
A social server for everyone of all ages. No matter who you are you are welcome in the comrades server.
Gaming | Programming
Come join Golden Galaxy! Why should you join us? : I would say that you should join our community is going to be as humorous as possible. All staff are NOT toxic nor scary to talk to. We can all have a laugh! Psst, there's also a big secret coming up upon release. Is the Minecraft server up? : No, we're pre-promoting the server so that we have a player base and hype upon release! Can I apply for staff? : Not yet. The forums are currently being made as we speak! Can I apply for youtuber? : Sure! You can apply for youtube on our server for exclusive in game items! (5000 subs) What about bugs? : If someone finds a bug and reports it, we'll reward you! We accept donations :
Bot | Gaming
Do you like Pokémon? So do we. Pokémize is a Pokémon Discord bot still in development. This server gives you access to beta testing and the ability to make suggestions for the bot/server. There are also official teams that have their own servers, and more will be formed as the server grows. Features: • Catching- Catch Pokémon that spawn at random! You can even catch legendaries, mythicals, and shinies! • Trading- Trade with other users to get the Pokémon you want! • Dueling- Duel with other users to show battle prowess! • Customizable profile- Customize your profile to show who you are! • Economy- A shop to buy evolution items! • And so many more features to come! Join today and start catching Pokémon.
Gaming | Entertainment
- League of Legends - Dicas - Guias - Builds - Counters - Gartic - Level - Eventos - Sorteios - Interação - Memes - FanArts
Gaming | Community | Programming
The official ColorBlend FX Discord server. This is a metroidvania game where Splatians must return the stolen colors back.
Bot | Business
Serveur en cours de développement
Gaming | Hobbies
Meet new friends, hang out, have fun!
Gaming | Programming
Join to track and participate in the progress of ME-OS, a simulated OS filled to the brim with games and utilities all linked together by a story and progressive unlockables!
Gaming | eSports
Free Valorant Beta Acces. Valorant Server English German and more.
Gaming | Community
Valorant in a discord server, but un official.. but amazing. Competitive chat, general chat, beta gamers chat, advertising, game news, LFG, LFO in NAW, EU and NAE, recruitment, and so much more.
Gaming | Community
Minecraft 1.8.8+. Normal Factions. With Unique additions and subtractions from your normal factions experience.
Role-Playing | Hobbies
Friendly Harry Potter Server!
Streaming | Gaming
New growing up community, streaming and interacting with friends and viewers. Join to this amazing part and find people, friends to talk and play with! Im playing with viewers a lot! Have fun!
Gaming | Social
Valorant, Teammate
Gaming | eSports
Wir sind eine Deutschsprachige Community mit aktiven Admins! Du suchst nach einem Ort um Leute zum zocken zu finden? Du suchst einen Ort um dich über die neusten Updates und erfolgreichen Strategien zu informieren? Ob Pro oder Anfänger bei uns ist jeder herzlich willkommen. Bei uns findest du das alles strukturiert zusammengefasst! Also warte nicht und schau mal vorbei! Sucht euch neue Mitspieler oder holt euch die neusten Infos über Valorant!!! Ihr habt bei uns auch die Möglichkeit für Self Promotion für euren Youtube Kanal oder Twitch.
Community | Social
Featuring- • Numerous chats • Bots to mess with • Free roles to select from • Open positions for staff • NSFW • Selfie Channel • Meme Channel • 2 Music Bots • One word stories channel • Channels for suggestions!
Gaming | Social
ValorantLFG is a new dedicated non toxic place for all NA and EU players
Gaming | YouTuber
Welcome one, Welcome all, This is our newest server/creation! This server is the Hub to our new YouTube channel VOTE GAMING (Victory Over The Enemy), This is where we will be talking about everything and anything about the games we love to play and for you guys to join us!
Gaming | Entertainment
A brand new studios working on developing the next level set of games. Stay young game on
Gaming | Entertainment
Join the beta for our indie mobile title, Hilt Arena! Arena-fighter meets beat ‘em up for a one-dimensional action game with depth! Hilt Arena focuses on intuitive, fast-paced, and challenging gameplay that rewards reflexes, skill, and knowledge of in-game mechanics. Customize several different fighters with cosmetic armor and weapons, and add enchantments that grant unique powers. Then, compete against other players in multiplayer matches that span dozens of unique events, or play solo to complete challenges and earn special rewards.
Community | Gaming
Valorant Beta Club is a community that consists ONLY of the Closed Beta players for Valorant. We love the whole community, but we also want to keep in touch with those who were here first and made memories, discovered secrets, invented new mechanics, and other fun stuff along the way.
Gaming | eSports | Streaming
Looking for a VALORANT five man?, This is the place for you, our players have 1000's of hours in CS:GO and other FPS games, Join The Discord Assign yourself you're main, And Type in the LFG Chat, Make a lasting friendship or team together, You wont find any other discord that's better then our's.