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To sum it up, this Tesla server is a fun place where you can talk about cars and Teslas, or anything Elon Musk-related. Join today!
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Just your average Elon Musk Fan Club. "In Musk We Thrust
I would like to welcome you to the unofficial NASA server. This server is mostly for updates about space, but you can also discuss about space stuff with other people!
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A pure and awesome community for those who love Space and Space X (or even Elon). You should join today! We also have nitro giveaways.
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A server for lovers of SpaceX and Elon Musk! If you are a space or technology lover you must JOIN NOW!!
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Share your art in #art, play games together in #games, follow tweets of SpaceX in #twitter, or chill in #lounge! Only 1 req: everything should be SPACE RELATED!