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💌 Welcoming 🌱 Semi-Active ☀️ Non-Toxic 🍄 Nature 🫐 Perks 🫖 Events 🐻 Lofi 24/7 🐝 Cute Emotes 🍎 Fun 🦋 Bots 🌈 Giveaways
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💌 Welcoming 🌱 Semi-Active ☀️ Non-Toxic 🍄 Nature 🫐 Perks 🫖 Events 🐻 Lofi 24/7 🐝 Cute Emotes 🍎 Fun 🦋 Bots 🌈 Giveaways
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the official, biggest /r/grimes discord for discussion of the multitalented canadian artist Grimes ! we're a friendly bunch so feel free to join even if you don't know Grimes and are just looking for a friendly environment ♡
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Elon Musk Latest News 📰, Productivity Hacks🐱‍💻 , And Fun🤣 . News is from trusted sources, Video content available
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Just your average Elon Musk Fan Club. "In Musk We Thrust
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A server for lovers of SpaceX and Elon Musk! If you are a space or technology lover you must JOIN NOW!!
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Context: Elon Musk sent on twitter a challenge to win 100 million US dollar. Whoever could create the best technology for capturing Co2 will win the prize. So I created this server because I think discord is a great place to talk and share. Its brand new and inactive right now. But if you join, you'll get a special role to flex😂 when the server will be bigger. Thank you for beleiving. See you inside - X Æ A-12
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Investment Café is a community for investors & stock lovers. Join our community to learn about stock trading, get updated on the newest stocks, and even trade cryptocurrencies!
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Welcome to ELON MUSK Fan Club, this is a server where all Elon's fans from all over the world gather to have fun.
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The Futurist Foundation is a non-profit organization with the purpose to promote crowd-sourced projects seeking to create an innovative & sustainable future, educate the public on the matters of futurism and to support research into legal and ethical questions concerning future technology and its usage. We encourage the use of technology to inspire and enhance global security, through promoting international cooperation of science, de-escalation of arms, and supporting research into existential risks. We aim to move technological progress forward by enhancing humanity’s understanding of science, logic, and keeping an open mind. We promote the inclusion of all people regardless of any individual trait and aim to ensure that everyone can benefit from the use of technology.
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I would like to welcome you to the unofficial NASA server. This server is mostly for updates about space, but you can also discuss about space stuff with other people!
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The #1 server for Elon Musk, Tesla & SpaceX fans! Here you can hang out and discuss all Elon Musk's projects with likeminded people.