Music | Community
A welcoming hangout place for all $UICIDEBOY$, Germ, RVMIRXZ etc. fans!
Community | YouTuber
Gaming | Community
Hi, we are a small community of Rocket League item traders looking to find more traders and grow as a server! We plan to host events and giveaways as the server grows!
Music | Community
A discord server for all you tool fans out there! Great for casual talks and long conversations about tool. Get updates about tool albums and more! (I do not own Tool in any way shape or form)
Anime | Community
This server is an all anime community/roleplay server, and the biggest crossover yet for a final showdown between good and evil. Tune in for an active, and action-packed roleplay here, at Anime Crossover Verse!
Community | YouTuber
Place for people that like Albert from Flamingo, a Roblox youtuber. Fan community. Memes included.
Music | Entertainment
In this server, we will be connecting with one another and discussing current events relating to the one and only queen of rap, Nicki Minaj.
Social | Community
A smaller, public server that me and a couple of my friends ended up re-working. Check desc. for more information. Feel free to join! :3
Gaming | Role-Playing
We are a discord server for people who like Fortnite Battle Royal and the character Skye! We are a safe space and a nice community.