Maybe you just got banned by some uptight anime mod for no good reason, maybe you got fed up with all the uwu owo i love you cringe or you just don't want to waste 10min reading rules about gendered language. Just make it easy, join and have fun.
Maybe you just got banned by some uptight anime mod for no good reason, maybe you got fed up with all the uwu owo i love you cringe or you just don't want to waste 10min reading rules about gendered language. Just make it easy, join and have fun.
Maybe you just got banned by some uptight anime mod for no good reason, maybe you got fed up with all the uwu owo i love you cringe or you just don't want to waste 10min reading rules about gendered language. Just make it easy, join and have fun.
Welcome to **The Diamond Vinyl**, a rock/metal based server owned by @ Owlame#4366 and @ 🤘Sapph🤘#6191. In this server we have: <+> a **friendly** community who love metal and rock, <+> **news** about bands you like, <+> **self-roles** of your top5 metal or rock bands <+> **partnership** and advertising channels <+> many **events** <+> 200+ members <+> 1.100 members in a network from 4different servers We are currently looking for some Mods, Partnership manager and nitro boosters.
games steam memes anime music metal guitar friends enjoy relax
We love metal and rock, Staff are very friendly and we always work to make your experience better here.
heya! it's a server for people who enjoy listening to music there are some events or mini games about songs have fun
A server for music fans and users of! A growing community to discuss music, including specific channels for popular genres, and a fully featured bot for sharing your stats.
Fun place to discuss music, whether its what you listen to or music production.
Vous aimez la musique ? Voir même zikos ? Soyez les premiers à rejoindre "Hangar". Un Serveur Discord dédier a la musique #Electro #Jazz #Rock #Lounge #Rap #HipHop #Groove Sur ce serveur dédié à la musique, aucun style n'est tabou, on parle de tout et on écoute de tout et si on veut du rab, on se serre. Bienvenue dans Le Hangar.
A server for fans of musician Jack White and all of his projects (White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather, etc)
Music discussion
The official discord server of r/TheBeatles! not to be confused with r/beatles. The Beatles were an English rock group from 1960-1970. In this server we talk about them, although not too often, so you can join if you'd just like to make friends, you don't have to like the band.
An Hatari fan Server for people to talk about Hatari. Weekly news updates about Hatari.
A server for any nirvana fans out there who just want to chill and talk about the band, it’s a small community but you’re welcome to join. Come say hi.
Very cool music server.
Der Server für Deutschrock Fans und generell Fans von Rock und Metal Bands.
Introducing a one-of-a-kind Discord server that brings all the builders and techs of every instrument type together into one place! Whether you have years of experience, are a casual builder, just learning, or know absolutely nothing about instrument work and would like to learn, we welcome everyone of every skill level. Our structured chats will assure you find exactly what you are looking for, and if you'd like something new added, just ask!
camped, is a place i made to share music for people with the same taste. mostly revolving around sharing punk, pop-punk, emo, post-hardcore, alternative, indie, rock.
Server for discussing and sharing music. All genres of music are welcome, and we have a welcoming community knowledgeable in all sorts of them. We also do weekly "listening parties". Members of the server choose an album they'd like to share with others, and we all listen to the album together.
If you play instruments, make music, Write, produce, sing, or even if you're simply a fan of music, IBM is for you!
Art and music are nice. We're kinda great. So eureka, our server is pretty nice and great.
A discord server for all you tool fans out there! Great for casual talks and long conversations about tool. Get updates about tool albums and more! (I do not own Tool in any way shape or form)
A server for everyone who wants to chat about the rock band The Killers, coming all the way from fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!
This is System Of A Discord, the official r/systemofadown Discord server: we mainly talk about the band System Of A Down, but we also have fans of other music. Be ready to meet some cool people in our friendly community!
Billy's Dreamcast Club is a music listening focused server. We have events when a good chunk of us are online and some spicy memes. If you need music recommendations or just want to chill, you're welcome to join! We have: - Custom Emojis - Self Assignable Roles (also you can recommend colors to add) - Music Bots - Friendly Atmosphere - Artists channel for musicians - 18+ channel for memes
With a new album on the horizon, Deftones community will be soaring so why not get updates ASAP through our server? All forms of media can be discussed here as well, including the cursed anime. Everyone is (generally) nice and welcoming, so come on in for a few chats.
For fans of all music released in the eighties, from top 40 pop to experimental electronic music ! Come share your love for the 80s with us ! Some channels for other topics too.
Server for fans of indie/post-punk band, Interpol.
A general server for metal-heads, Rockers and music lovers alike, discuss anything and everything in our friendly chat rooms!
💀 Planet Caravan is a Brand New Rock/Punk/Metal Music Discord Server! Come Talk and Share Your Music Taste With Others... Find and Explore New Genres, Songs, Albums While Sharing Your Personal Favorites. Join Today! 🎸
Hello, we're a discord server based on punk, rock and indie music from the 70-90s - as you can probably tell from the title. If you enjoy bands such as The Clash, The Smiths, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Oasis, Blur, etc. then feel free to join & find other people who have similar taste!
A new server dedicated to the band Oasis. Join a growing community discussing everything Gallagher brothers related including Beady Eye, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Liam's solo project and more! Anyone is welcome - whether you've been a fan for many years, just started listening, or if you want to discover new music, this is the server for you.
Welcome to Melomaniac Music. Stop by and chill or share your favorite albums and songs. We're open to all genres of music as well as additional topics.
A simple fun server a friend and I decided to set up to allow musicians to connect and talk with each other. We have lots of rooms for everybody to display their talents and skills within music and much more to talk. We have meme chats and rooms for feedback and self promotion. You could give, or get advice here even! Musicians of all shape, size, and kind wanted and needed!
⏬ | MasterVerse Project: un progetto ambientato in un universo alternativo creato da noi, con una propria serie Manga/Light-Novel, tornei di Minecraft, Gilde Ufficiali di MC, LoL e BS, uno Studio Musicale, Minigames e tanto altro! Puntiamo ai 1000 membri entro il 16 Giugno 2020! Take Over!
A medium-sized group for fans of Arctic Monkeys, The Last Shadow Puppets, and Miles Kane, for people 13-30 years of age. We have quite a few features, such as: -A close, friendly community, -Voice/music bot channels, -A NSFW channel (with role), -Chats about other related music/things in their many channels, -Games (daily questions, song of the day, album voting, etc) and activities (coming soon), -Bots to play around with, -A ship channel (with role), -Self-assignable roles, -Meme and vent channels, -And partnerships! If you're a fan looking for other fans to interact with, try Arctic Monkeys And More today! Come on in, the water's lovely.
A server dedicated to the criminally underappreciated genre - sophisti-pop. We enjoy discussions about the great bands like Prefab Sprout, The Blue Nile, Sade, Tears for Fears, Roxy Music, Destroyer, Everything but the Girl, and more. Although it's a sophisti-pop focused server, we do not shy away from general music discussion like rock, punk, pop, folk, ambient, experimental, etc. We also host album exchange every week on Wednesday. If you like album recommendation and interact with new peeps, then it might interest you. Join us to discover the great genre and have fun discussing music.