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Vous aimez la musique ? Voir même zikos ? Soyez les premiers à rejoindre "Hangar". Un Serveur Discord dédier a la musique #Electro #Jazz #Rock #Lounge #Rap #HipHop #Groove Sur ce serveur dédié à la musique, aucun style n'est tabou, on parle de tout et on écoute de tout et si on veut du rab, on se serre. Bienvenue dans Le Hangar.
Music | Community
Radio SoulCity es nuestro servidor de nuestra comunidad. Somos amantes de la buena música, sobre todo del Soul, del R&B, de la música Disco, de Jazz y del Smooth Jazz.
Music | Technology
Server for music teachers, students and performers who wish to advertise
Music | Hobbies
A community of Harmonica enthusiasts of all levels; join us to learn, jam, and chat about all things Harmonica.
Music | Anime
Come join the T-Square Discord! We're looking for members to talk about fusion, sax, and everything square-related!
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CoffeeHouse Jazz is a never closed server originally for night owls. It’s a temporary home for oddballs, night goers, tarot card readers, and those with no where else to go. No matter what end of the spectrum you fall: •Punk to Hipster •Leather to Sweater •Records to Electric Swing •Coffee to Tea As long as your interesting you have a place here. Also free tarot readings
Music | Hobbies
A piano discord server where everyone is welcome, regardless of the level of experience or knowledge about piano. Come join us and have a good time!
Community | Gaming
Join us while we suffer through this quarantine hell and share music interests or play games with us!
This is a discord server for Toto fans and other music fans who wish to discover Toto! Join for music-related conversations, tons of song recommendations and much more!
Community | Music
Hey! Just a chill/wholesome-ish server to hang out and make friends. Chat about music or jazz or whatever. Feel free to stop by sometime! *under construction* (jazz lovers welcome)
Music | Hobbies
The original Harmonica Hangout! A community of Harmonica enthusiasts of all levels; join us to learn, jam, and chat about all things Harmonica.
Music | Art
Lemonah's Sock Factory is a community for all music creators, and music enthusiasts around the world! Owned by the beat maker Lemonah, this is also a place to submit music to his Spotify playlists! We are forming a community where you can come in play games, talk about music, work on collaborative tracks, and more!
Music | Growth
A music promotion and sharing server
Music | Education
Interested in improving your musicianship, or thinking more critically about music? At Academic Music, we provide a hub of musical discussion for both complete beginners and seasoned experts! Our goal is to spread knowledge; here you can learn about music theory, composition, performance, musicology
Music | Art
🔴Server meant specifically for people who enjoy Jazz 1950's Swing. 🎺 🟢People who sing swing, people who make swing music, people who love the music of the 1950's to 1960's. Swing is what we're all about. Join and help grow the server! 🎷 🔵Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, vintage Swing & Bigband for vintage people. 🎻