Music | Hobbies
A server dedicated to The Coinlockers (ザ・コインロッカーズ) and fans to talk and discuss about the group or the members and more!
Music | Entertainment
Come join the Supergrass server! If you're a fan of the band or love Britpop, this is the place for you!
Music | Design
Introducing a one-of-a-kind Discord server that brings all the builders and techs of every instrument type together into one place! Whether you have years of experience, are a casual builder, just learning, or know absolutely nothing about instrument work and would like to learn, we welcome everyone of every skill level. Our structured chats will assure you find exactly what you are looking for, and if you'd like something new added, just ask!
Music | Entertainment
For Muse fans who want a great community
Community | Sports
The Water station is a discord built to bring Marching bands together, kind of like how water stations before competitions and bring groups together. Come join us and share the group with your band, lets make this a great place to hang out and meet new people. have fun!
Art | Music
Hello, my name is Sarah, I am starting this global band, where it consists the first starting 10 members from each different countries. I would like members as soon as possible because we really need members. You must be ages 14-17 to join. You must be willing to join cause this is serious.
Social | Community
welcome to the jungle! this server will be the perfect place to make friends, play games, listen to music, and much more! we even take suggestions to make our server better every day. we accept everyone who follows our rules, which are very self explanatory. be nice! if it floats your boat, we even allow dating! have fun, be nice, and enjoy your time in our jungledome.
Music | Hobbies
a fun and friendly server for all fans of marching or concert band and music in general !
Music | Community
A server for fans of Type O Negative !
Music | Community
Discord for all things clarinet related!
Music | Education
We are originally members of the r/classicalmusic subreddit. Musicians, enthusiasts and friendly folk are all welcome to join in discussion and sharing of classical music!
Music | Social
Join "Big Time Rushers," a community of Big Time Rush stans! On this server you can: -Meet and talk to fellow Rushers! -Share/see BTR memes! -Promote your BTR content! -Compete in BTR games/events!
Music | Entertainment
Chill group of people who enjoy sharing music and just having fun. If you love the band Tool come chill with us.