Join a music server based on general discussion and Olias' music!
Official Discord of Eklo, Musician & Partnered Streamer.
The Audio Hut is a Discord server oriented around music production, composing, mixing, mastering etc. etc. you name it. We aim to provide the social feel of a small/friendly group but keeping the standard of knowledge/professionalism high.
Producer / DJ / Gamer / Streamer A Discord community with cool people. Talking about gaming alot, streaming as well with various languages, we have a cool discord RPG bot and a few very nice things come visit us ! :)
Welcome to Headphones In. We are a music based server. We appreciate all types of music and share all types of talent here. This is a SFW server that welcomes everyone. If you love music and love finding and sharing new music, we hope the is the place for you. Ya'll can be referred as Listeners, Singers, Or Musicians members. Please, take a look at our different channels to get a feel for what we do here.
A friendly server for music lovers, DJ's and producers!
Grind is made for producers/artists/DJs to learn, collaborate, and share. The discord is a useful resource for producers to improve at making music. Exchange samples, ask for feedback, look for collabs, and talk about music.
This is a server created for music lovers and producers. Here you can find people who love music and love to create it. If that's good for you then take a peek at the server and let's create together.
Welcome to 👾Chill Hotel👾! We're a friendly community that offers support for artists too. But don't worry if you're not one, most of us just chill and chat anyways! Come on and join!
Hi, I'm Rydro, a 23 years old music producer and a streamer. You can join my community discord server to chat about anything, meet the fans, make friends, have some fun and more! Very simple rules and everyone is welcome 🤝 We have: ✔️ Leveling up with roles ✔️ Dank memes ✔️ NSFW channel ✔️ Music bots and games ✔️ Share your music, videos and art ✔️ Active community
Audius ( is a new decentralized & open-source evolution on Soundcloud that will forever be owned and controlled by its artists, fans, & developers, not a corporation or record labels. It is also the first platform built without the ability to ban your account or remove your tracks. Not to mention... - Highest audio quality of any free streaming platform at 320kbps - No storage limits, full metrics for all, and future artist tools - all free, forever - Discord where you can give feedback directly to the team, find collaborators and new followers, & take part in cyphers Join our Discord :-) We host regular beat battle cyphers in their server with cash prizes and our a super supportive community.
🎵🌟Welcome to the Upside Collective🌟🎵 We are a group of Rappers, Producers, and Graphics Designers working together to grow! ✨Free Promotion for your music! ✨Connect with other talented artists! ✨Get your content featured by our A&R Team! ✨Friendly Community to gain feedback from! See you there! 😉
World's Hottest Music Source
Rappers and producers, but mostly, a young rapper trying to make it big, join and make his dreams come true :)
A cool place to hangout and talk to producers. You can also advertise and get feedback for your music here :)
ezmuze is a fun and open server for all music lovers. Whether you're just beginning your journey into the music scene, or have been producing sweet tunes for years, ezmuze is a warm, welcoming place for all aspiring creators to share and explore "audible chocolates", and themselves.
FL Gang is made for producers/artists/DJs to learn, collaborate, and share their music to the world!
ghetto flow
Join if you wanna have a fun music filled time!
🎼 Séquence 🎼 Serveur d'entraide à la composition musicale ! Vous trouverez des membres utilisant des logiciel de MAO divers, des Beatmaker, des Producer, et même des musiciens ainsi que d'autres artistes au talents multiples.