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The first and best server dedicated to Dubstep! Use Dubscord to discover new music artist, find friends for dubstep events, and chat with fellow headbangers.
Music | Community
Growing Community for Musicians.
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Just gonna say it out loud, pretty chill server We offer 🌺˖°꒱Fun Bots 🌺˖°꒱GFX community 🌺˖°꒱Anime rooms 🌺˖°꒱Artist Rooms I'm trying to make a community for everyone to join and meet someone
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Electronic music production and gaming focused server owned by EDM artist Space Laces Join and get access to music feedback from top industry professionals, weekly smash bros tournaments, 24/7 radio, exclusive downloads and more!
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★ Yasi's Anime Corner ★ -Anime -Music -Memes -Nice Staff -Artists (Even me!) -Music Bots -Fun Channels Come take part in our community! Everyone is welcome :D
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For our collective member we have: -monthly music challenges -collabs -special divulgation Don't want to make part of our
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Upgrade your music limits with total Freedom!
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Discuss your favorite genres, artists, and self made Electronic Music!