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Here is the Riots Revenge Music server! It's generally based on creating an area for my YouTube channel but it can also be a place to meet new people and potentially make friends! <3 We offer roles directly relating to the channel but we might create more soon. We have chats for: Listening to Music, Memes, NSFW, Pokémon, Studio, and just general talking! We have a lot of bots that have a variety of uses and have fun unique commands! The server is relatively new so if you have suggestions to help the server expand more let me know!
The first and best server dedicated to Dubstep! Use Dubscord to discover new music artist, find friends for dubstep events, and chat with fellow headbangers.
A server dedicated to raves and festivals across the United States. We are a community of people who love EDM and the scene. Originally created for Bass Canyon 2019 (hence our server name) but have now expanded far and wide to feature several shows and festivals across the United States. This is the perfect server to meet new headbanger friends, and even potentially meet for shows! We are a very PLUR community, come say hi!
Upgrade your music limits with total Freedom!