DarkSynth Community for Dark Synthwave / Cyberpunk music sharing, art, discussion and production. We also have channels for self promo, other music genre sharing, design and collabs! Join the Dark Side! *Darksynth is a subgenre of Synthwave music primarily influenced by sci-fi and horror film soundtracks, video games, and other forms of mature media from the 1980's. Led by artists like Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, and GosT, this newer style of music incorporates bass heavy electro, metal, and industrial influences as well as faster tempos, and gained massive success within the Synthwave fandom. Additionally, many in the Darksynth scene have backgrounds in metal music and have transitioned that heaviness to the Synthwave sound.
Community-led server for the ban Gunship.
We are a small retro server that revolves around the music genre of Synthwave! Come join us; make us grow big with an amazing community! :D
Hello (こんにちは)welcome to .S t a y come ░ and ????? 【AESTHETIC】 FOR ALL THINGS AESTHETIC | VAPORWAVE | COMFY FEELS | MUSIC ~ music ░ aesthetic ~ ~ social░lounge ~ **COME AND** .S t a y https://discord.gg/WsHhWK9
A fun music production server and net label that specializes on synthwave, vaporwave, lofi, experimental electronic music and more
Just a laid back, new server looking for shit to do. Memes and moosic.
Dream Emporium is a vaporwave/cyberpunk aesthetic focused server. Our server's main purpose is to create a fun, inclusive community, which offers a variety of channels to fit user interests. Whether you are into music, aesthetic, memes, debate, fashion, fitness, gaming ,or anime, there is room for everyone and everything. We hope you’ll enjoy your time here and engage in interesting conversations and possibly make new friends!
The ultimate aesthetic escape. Vaporwave, Cyberpunk and all under that cultural umbrella. We are also a decentralized clothing line and have a virtual reality home/property with the SadPlanet name on it! Come on in and see our virtual plaza!
Cyberhell is a synthwave/cyberpunk themed discord server for every fandom out there. Whether you're into gaming or into painting there's something for you here. We VC alot and have public video call capability.
Nous sommes deux vidéastes/compositeurs fans des 80's et la Synthwave et nous souhaitons fonder une communauté autour de cet univers !
A place to enjoy yourself with others in a chilled atmosphere. To play some games, listen to some lofi/vaporwave tracks and to view a collective of aesthetic pleasures.
Neo Tokyo is a server dedicated to Cyberpunk, Vaporwave, Synthwave, Retrowave, Outrun, Vaporwave Aesthetics, 80s/90s Nostalgia, Retro-Futurism and to rainy Dystopian societies around the world. Currently consisting of over 800 members, the server features channels to share music, self-promotion channels, music bots and many more! Feel free to check us out!
Small outrun and vaporwave themed server for us neon lovers out there. Casual chatting, music recommendations or just chilling to some 80s commercials.
▬▬▬▬๑◢◤◥◣๑▬▬▬▬▬ RETRO BLISS (21+) ▬▬▬▬๑◥◣◢◤๑▬▬▬▬▬ Attention, aesthetic lovers! ( 21+ only ) Retro Bliss wants to offer you a 21+ only, drama-free server with a friendly environment where we value: aesthetics | good vibes | laid back attitude | positive [ and drink a cup of tea while talking about the universe ] Feel free to join us and check all we offer to you: 💎 240+ self-assignable roles and channels customization!💎 200+ original and aesthetic emojis & 10+ bots!💎 Friendly and chill staff/community!💎 Music channels & music premium bots!💎 Anti-raid/Anti-spam system activated 24/7. 💎 Aesthetic server design. ( v a p o r w a v e )💎 10+ astrology roles and an exclusive channel!💎 Music sessions, skribbl.io, video games & movie nights!
Neo Tokyo is dedicated to Outrun/Cyberpunk and 80s/Synthwaves music scene. And the retrofuturist 80s aesthetic of fast cars, neon lights and chrome. Founder note: Anyone is welcome in the server as long as you follow the rules, whether you're into different music genre or into different hobbies and interests.
Just come and join... we're only a small server into aesthetic and chill stuff... mostly vaporwave, retro and synthwave kinda crap...
Social server Aesthetic Cyberpunk Cryptocurrency Outrun Synthwave Retrowave Vaporwave Best emojis
Do you like Cyberpunk and Aesthetic? Gaming? Or even simply chilling and meeting new people? Then you should join 𝙎𝙔𝙉𝙏𝙃~𝙒𝘼𝙔, a Cyberpunk themed Social and Gaming server for people to chill in. The server is fairly new so feel free to join and get to know one another!