Community | Music
Nous sommes deux vidéastes/compositeurs fans des 80's et la Synthwave et nous souhaitons fonder une communauté autour de cet univers !
Music | Hobbies
A discord server regarding pianos and piano music. Suitable for pianists of all levels to join, and even those who simply like pianos and don't necessarily play.
Furry | Art
Hello! Welcome to Robo Paradise! Feel free to invite your robot like fursonas into here! We’re just full of protogens and even a few other species! Even if not a robo sona, feel free to join!
Music | Social
We are a group of friends trying to find like minded people!! Join for steamy music discussions and fun vc's!! We love the 80s and goth culture but that's just a bonus.. Join to meet new music nerds now..