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💕 Chill Server 🎁 250$+ Nitro Giveaways ⭐ 500 BEST emotes 🏮 Anime 🌎 Social 💬 Active - Meet New People! 🎲 Fun Bots 😂 Memes 🎮 Gaming \\ discord.gg/lounge
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💕 Chill Server 🎁 250$+ Nitro Giveaways ⭐ 500 BEST emotes 🏮 Anime 🌎 Social 💬 Active - Meet New People! 🎲 Fun Bots 😂 Memes 🎮 Gaming \\ discord.gg/lounge
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Join at your own risk, this is really just a hellish nightmare.
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Long ago, God created several realms. Realms to separate the 3 main races: Humans, Angels and Demons. War had broken out amongst them long ago, and -tired of their pointless fighting- divided them. He created Earth: a lush place full of animals, humans and many more species such as elves or dwarves. In Hell, the demons resided: it was a place full of varying temperatures before falling cold apart from one place. At last, Heaven. A luxurious, more advanced place full of the various angels- and the area God himself resided in. However, some of the barriers between realms were broken apart by powerful beings and chaos ensued. Until, after a series of events, peace and balance was restored to the universe.... But it won't stay that way. Not if people are there to stop the evil lurking in the shadows- or will you join them and destroy everything? It's your choice. Everything is up to you to decide.
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We wear our vices on our sleeve and are looking for new members for our pretty functional family! We play WoW(Horde-Illidan), MHW, SFV, League, and a bunch of other games. Drop-in and say "Sup, c*nts" Warning: Offensive language
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just your average homestuck server, yknow. aside from the fact that everything is on fire, nobody knows who or what they are, and that it's run by a bunch of teens. but that's neither here nor there. stop by, if you're interested.
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Furry | Role-Playing
Chill with the finest of DEMONS and FURS in this multi-floor HELL hole! Everyone is invited, humans, demons, furs alike! This place is mostly roleplay dedicated, staff are open and tested on their CHILL-FACTOR, and tons of screwed up memories come from here! 🎃
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Dystopian Darksynth server. One of the oldest servers on discord. Inspired by Warhammer 40K and DOOM.
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Political | Community
=== CURRENTLY WIP - JOIN ONLY IF WILLING TO HELP OUT === Hey, do you like consistency in your server management? Do you like having rules that make sense? Do you like admins that you can trust? Well then run away as fast as you can, cause we have none of that here. The wheel decides all, with the server changing from a centralised dictatorship to complete anarchy at the drop of a hat. So, if you want to see what cursed ideas come from having complex political theory melted down and forged into a Discord server, then join us here at The Wheel of Ideology!
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A lost abyss at the end of Discord. A safe haven for those wishing to leave this world. Freedom of speech is valued.
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World Of Hell, this server is for chilling in hell, spend time with peoples and have fun even though it's hell.
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