Social | Meme
we exist to funnel power back to the individual conscious agent and inform them of the fact that reality is something they are actively creating, rather than something that is happening to them. #hacktheplanet
Community | Social
A server with only two channels. One text, one voice, and no rules. Let the chaos begin.
Gaming | Furry
The Gold Star Plaza is a place where People can enjoy Racing and/oe Chatting in the Speedster Café, Post and get comments of their art in the Art Gallery, or just simple Chaos in the Anarchist's Tavern! Make Sure to Be Positive and Active!
Community | Social
Welcome to CH40S, where there's nothing but chaos! There's not even any staff.....or is there?
Hobbies | Beliefs
Future rulers of the universe
Meme | Entertainment
We are a cult dedicated to chaos! Taking over discord as respectfully and chaotically as we can. With a bunch of fun bots and nice people
Gaming | Meme
Wot is that just join for sex
Community | Education
First-ever official ENTP Discord server! A prison for those people with what is truly the most insane personality type. The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator is an introspective self-report questionnaire indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.
Entertainment | Community
Meet people, have fun, share art and advertise your items, chaos.
Anime | Gaming
A public community for playthrough channels and discussing about Steins;Gate as well as the rest of SciADV series such as Chaos;Head, Robotics;Notes, Chaos;Child,...
Community | Entertainment
Tired of all the stress and rules? Come to the World of Chaos. We have only 1 rule, but you'll find out what it is when you join. We also have NSFW bots and some games. Come meet someone new and make some friends.
Role-Playing | Social
a server where you can be anything you want and how powerful you want.
Social | Entertainment
just your average homestuck server, yknow. aside from the fact that everything is on fire, nobody knows who or what they are, and that it's run by a bunch of teens. but that's neither here nor there. stop by, if you're interested.
Chaos Chronicles|DayZ Standalone
Social | Meme
pretty active not politically correct server, we're almost always in vc so come make some friends :)
Admin, that's it.