Welcome to the hood! We are an anarchy server with no rules, meaning you can do whatever you want. We have; gangs that anyone can join or create, gang war roleplay and way more!
just do what ever the fuck you want, no one gives a shit anyway.
A server for anyone who needs a place to be themselves, or have a community where they don't feel pushed down or unwanted.
no-rules, rp and general talk
No rules other than SFW, and everyone has near-admin power
If you're looking for a server with no rules, this is one. Here you can post absolutely anything, and you won't be muted, kicked or banned. channels are organized with topics and we also offer "funny" roles, various userphone channels and self-assignable roles.
A server with literally no rules so you can do and post what you want. It also has a bunch of bots for you to mess around with
Bunch of white losers talk with other white losers, not really any rules so. If you have nothing better do to why not join?