A freedom-based server mainly used for memes and fun!
Do you look for a no bullshit server to be whatever you want to be? Looking for a diverse community of weebs, gamers, tech enthusiasts and memelords? Look no further!
We are an LGBTQ+ server. We are here to show that people of all sexuality and genders are accepted! Feel free to be you and no one else, because were not here to judge you. We have a partnership section as well if you are in need of partnerships. Just come along and join our server, it will be fun!
Heyy welcome to the White Pocky! We are a recent anime based community but everyone is allowed. And from everywhere of course :)) Hope you join us and have a great time together here :D
Hi! Welcome to Satan's Paradise, we are a small and friendly community focusing on freedom of speech, and creating an enviroment where everybody can be themselves! We have roles, partners, and an advertising channel if you feel like sharing your server! We hope you'll consider joining, we would be happy to have you on our server!
Small social and political discord server, we promise this will be the best server you ever join. we want a small tight community of less than 100 people. Our server intends to thrive off of the basic vanilla discord experience in which we only have 1 general chat room and that's it. No dividing the members, its all going on in one place. If you cant handle offensive content please do not join.
Expanse is a smart contract platform based on ethereum.
this is shitposts 2.0, here you can enjoy some memes, gambling possibly some art. and then there is the nsfw section where you can post basicaly whatever tf you feel like, get wild. hope to see you soon
Freedom Phaser is a budding educational community geared towards personal growth, quality communication, and creating a culture of excellence. Embark on a hero's journey, and join other heroes to create a synergistic environment. Discord channel includes a Great Books of the Western World book club, civil debates, and a live stream that airs three days a week.
Welcome to Paddy's Pub, the worst bar on television.
A free place to debate and have fun.
A server dedicated to freedom of speech and debate. There are no rules or admins, so members are expected to moderate themselves by blocking and ignoring whomever they deem fit.
We are a Pubg Official clan. and we want to open our doors, and our hearts to see who has potential for pro gaming. We play with a specific purpose, join us and we hope to see you soon.
Serveur francophone, réservé aux plus de 18 ans. Vérification manuelle. Ce serveur est sans censure, simplement parce que nous comptons sur la maturité de nos membres. Le second degré et l'humour noir (voire très noir) ne devraient pas être en option ! Nombreux channels accessibles selon vos centres d'intérêt. Ranks et droits accordés selon l'ancienneté. Accessoirement, le nombre de membres est bas car nous ne gardons pas les membres inactifs. On aime bien les gens qui ferment leurs gueules, mais si c'est pour servir de déco dans la colonne de droite, ça saute. En l'occurrence, une fois par mois. Pornographie interdite. À part ça ? Fais-toi plaisir ! Rejoins-nous : https://discord.gg/kpBT2PC
Welcome to picking your way through the upside-down world that is modern politics where up is down, left is right, and the rules don't matter because we're all mad here. This is one of the many homes of The Mad LiberTEA Party, a podcast/internet show by two mostly Anarcho-leaning Libertarian dudes and their gaggle of buddies. Please enjoy your stay among us. Come enjoy, share, discuss, and (hopefully) learn with us. We're not always around but we will certainly be here at least once a day. We're honored and flattered that you decided to join us, no matter whether you came to shitpost, constructively comment, discuss various topics, or even criticize the show.
Anti-Capitalist Free Market Anarchy: 1. It is purely voluntary. 2. It cannot be created or sustained with violence 3. It leaves the individual to rule themselves. Free of the State: Private Property, Voluntary Exchange, Free Competition, Entrepreneurial Discovery, Spontaneous Order
Aboriginal fan club
Are you tired of all of those retarded servers with moderators that ban you without any real reason? Are you tired of having all of your thoughts and questions silenced by so called ''Social Interaction norms"? You've come to the right place. Welcome to the server that respects your freedom.
We aim to indulge in everyone's nerdy interests in thoughtful discussions.
We Support, Stand, and Fight for Agnosticism, Secularism, Common Sense, and Democratic Values.
Simple GM Roleplay hosting server with partnerships.
Casual chat server for hangout and bots. Potential to grow and develop.
There is a path to freedom. Its milestones are: obedience, diligence, honesty, orderliness, cleanliness, sobriety, truthfulness, readiness to make sacrifices and love of the fatherland.
This is a server where Indians leaning towards libertarianism can meet, hang out, have discussions.
A neat great server where you can hang out with other users! 😁💬 Chill, chat about anything, game in voice channels 🗨️🎮, whatever you want. 🤣 We're also looking to build a coding community! 💻⏲️ ¬ We hope to see you there! ¬ 😃😃 \(^.^)/