An active anarchy community with no rules or limitations! Join or fuck off, we got noobs to kill.
Are you looking to collect notifications to impress your e-girlfriend? Or do you need pings to run from the fact that nobody wants to talk to you? Or do you need something useless to spend your precious time on? Here, we offer you the perfect solution to those problems! In this server, your main goal is to send as many messages containing everyone and here as you can. Each time you do so, your server score will increase by one. Spam as many everyones as you can and outshine other spammers in any channel youd like to! We also have our own server bot ~ Keep in mind to expect a few pings every now and then if you decide to join :p.
Palisade is a NO RULES server for The Isle. It is a 50 person server with a safezone. Alt turn is disabled.
Community server with memes 1.15
Welcome to the Church of Viper We are a chill meme and chat server, you can pretty much do whatever you want there’s like no rules as long as you don’t disrespect the legendary prophet Viper. JOIN THE CHURCH OF VIPER
fun server w/ little to no rules <3
fun server w/ little to no rules <3
A place to chat about minecraft or other games, there's memes, there's not really any rules so uh just have fun
Self explanatory, just don't be a word i cant say otherwise ill get banned.
A server dedicated to freedom of speech and debate. There are no rules or admins, so members are expected to moderate themselves by blocking and ignoring whomever they deem fit.
A server with only two channels. One text, one voice, and no rules. Let the chaos begin.
- Toxic Server - Basically no rules - No power abusing staff (because there are no staff) - Keep getting banned from other servers? Join here you can't be banned
we have no rules, so join. Also because alpacas are cool.
Chick Server is a place to share memes with each other and chat with friends about various topics. This server does not prohibit the use of any language and has minimal rules regarding that. All memes are allowed.
No rules except TOS. Every sort of degenerate and retard is welcome (I just love my retards). We have mudae uhhh for weebs and uhhhh i dunno so pls join
There are no rules, and you can make your own channel. Come join :)
🌼 Dans Kanin! 🌼 This server is small but active, you’re sure to feel welcome. Some features it has: 🍁 Friendly staff and community 🍁 Only 3 short rules 🍁 Gaming community 🍁 Music lovers 🍁 Not a completely soft server. And more! Please at least drop by, you’ll never know how many friends you can make here without seeing for yourself!
Tiddie Bois is a chatting server with hardly any people cus we brand new. we have a muisc bot, gambling. We have barely any rules and you can joke about pretty much anything.
A server with literally no rules so you can do and post what you want. It also has a bunch of bots for you to mess around with
!!! BRAND NEW SERVER 2/1/2020 !!! Are you retarded? Looking for a server you won't get immediately kicked from for being toxic? Memes? Join RETARD REFUGE today and get in on the ground floor in what will be a passionate discord server aimed at promoting free speech, 0 cuck mods, and no reddit normie bullshit. Join today!
a minecraft anarchy server similar to the likes of 2b2t. will be coming out soon.
Looking for group