Community | Entertainment
Ahoy! Do ye seek adventure? Do ye seek new friends? Perhaps ye just want to clown around and become deck swabber? We don't judge — The Pirate's Den may just be what the captain' ordered for ye!
Meme | Gaming
We are a growing and advancing 4chan themed Multigaming community who loves to grind but in a more cozy way, because nobody has time for a 8 hour straight session :wink: .
Meme | Community
dank memes, cringe memes, shitposts, retarded, meme, content, funny
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Your one-stop shop for 100 Nintendo Emotes, connects to the larger 100 Emote network! Keywords: nintendo, reggie, miyamoto, link, zelda, hotw, heart wild, splatoon, squid, pokemon, mario, luigi, waluigi, bowser, peach, animal crossing, villager, punch out, duck hunt, mike tyson, metroid, samus, thicc, wii, switch, star fox, falco, kid, ness, captain falcon, donkey kong, diddy, f-zero, smash brothers, pikachu, bayonetta, kirby, dedede, rowlett, goomba, toad, toadstool, memes, emoticons, emoticon, emojis, emote, memes, dank, nitro, discord
Social | Technology
The central hub for the 100 emote list servers for Discord Nitro users! Includes Pepes, Peepos, Thinking, Furry, Anime and Disturbing emote servers! Keywords: furry, furries, memes, emoticons, emotes, emojis, emote, thicc, lewd, meme, dank, undertale, renamon, fox, falco, pokemon, nick wilde, robin hood, furtopia, disney, starfox, digimon, lola, simba, lion king, anime, weaboo, pepe, peepos, pepega, cancer, trash, disturbing, creepy, weird, ayaya, thinking, thunking, thonking, bloby, blob, gaming, game, vr
Science | YouTuber
Your one-stop source for thinking emotes! Keywords: thinking emotes emoticons emojis memes Nitro nitro thunking emotes emotes,emoticons,emojis,thinking,thonking,think,thinkies,discord,nitro
Entertainment | Hobbies
freedom of speech is a small growing community where people from around the globe no matter who you are can feel comfortable, make friends and find someone with similar interests. there is no ban of anyone ever as you are free to text or voice chat anything you want to anyone you want. freedom may also be used to promote your own servers not a problem at all :) enjoy your time here and i hope you like it lets get into it. also you fuckin dirty cunts can chat whatver the shit is u fuckin wanna talk about have a great time here ;0
Community | Gaming
World's End is a public discord server that focuses on gaming and so much more!
Gaming | Meme
A green pixel faction server, on the
Gaming | Meme
GTA 5 Modding Server
YouTuber | Meme
The official Discord server for the YouTuber Flowmotion.
Anime | Meme
an anime based community discord server
Bot | Gaming
Welcome to Dank Cult. We are a server with a friendly community that revolves around the Dank Memer Discord Bot! Rob and heist are both disabled so you may breathe freely. We hold frequent giveaways too! So join our cult now and be part of our community!
Meme | Community
At Memestation we believe that comedy has no limits, so come and joke around, we are also very laid back and have many channels. we are also looking for staff!
Bot | Business
This is the official support server for Dank Kitty
Entertainment | Meme
My friends and are dumb. Maybe you are too, you can find out in this iq twistingly quizfusing server.
Gaming | Meme
a meme and gaming server with an economy
Meme | Gaming
Your one-stop shop for 100 Letter Emotes, connects to the larger 100 Emote network! Keywords: memes, emoticons, emoticon, emotes, emojis, emote, meme, memes, dank, library, dumb, silly, nitro, discord, letters, text, letter
Furry | Social
Your one-stop shop for 100 Furry Emotes, connects to the larger 100 Emote network! Keywords: furry, furries, memes, emoticons, emotes, emojis, emote, thicc, lewd, meme, dank, undertale, renamon, fox, falco, pokemon, nick wilde, robin hood, furtopia, disney, starfox, digimon, lola, simba, lion king
Meme | Entertainment
A server purely made for people to enjoy Discord Nitro with more emotes! All emote slots are full. 50/50 Normal and 50/50 Animated ones!
Community | Meme
Share your own created memes or your stolen memes The Meme book 9.11$
Meme | Community
Hello everyone, this is the Ice Berg server! this is a very cool server with lots of hours put into it. but, it doesnt have a high member count so anyone who joins will put life in this server. this is a full list of the servers channels and what it offers: ➤lots of bots including (mee6, dank memer, novus fm, nadeko, and more). ➤many channel including memes, song lyrics, spam, "introduce yourself" channel and much more. ➤we have many roles such as: snowman cryogenic yeti frost ice H₂O ➤music, talent, and other channels to hang out with people. we hope everyone would try to stay in the server as long as possible and be active to get this server going. join now
Meme | Anime
Basically a server to send Memes and steal memes from. We’re not strict whatsoever we want people to have a good awesome time. I mean why not join the server has everything you need. Memes, gaming, anime, porn etc
Meme | Social
We're a growing community and this server is dedicated for all kind of memes and people who would chat and have fun togheter! Our highly-specialized archive includes: memes, dank memes, cursed images, mlg, some weird audio files and even a hilarious explicit/sexual channel (and more)! We provide a lot of special roles and events, so what are you waiting to join?! Come and enjoy our daily shitty posts and funny memes!!
Community | Social
A place for everyone to chill and meet new people!
Gaming | Meme
We mostly play csgo but we still play other games. We also share memes and have a music bot. Our staff is normally active around 6pm to 3am us central for the summer.
Meme | Social
Self explanatory, just don't be a word i cant say otherwise ill get banned.
Gaming | Meme
This sever is only for fun, talks about gaming, sending memes, videos and everything else. Come here to chill with us!
Community | Meme
A server where people could meet new people, play some games, share some memes, and most importantly, have fun! Join Now!
Gaming | Meme
Fun, open minded, Gaming, Memes, Having a good time
Meme | Beliefs
I LOVE JOHNNY TEST, **LETS PRAY TO JOHNNY TEST!** This server is for Johnny Test fans only. It includes: Johnny test roleplay Johnny test memes Johnny test discussions
Community | Meme
A clean, non-toxic community and meme centre.
Meme | Community
The Republic of Brapistan is a new server dedicated to pretty much anything our members want. Become a Citizen today!
Community | Anime
Join It's a fun small active server with little to no moderation, we also got some of the dankest nonnormie memes.
Gaming | Meme
were gaming server with high hopes. We have all types of people and all types of fun. We also have open staff positions so come join!