The Official @Bloobawls Discord! No rules, no mercy, no lube - All of the banned memes get posted here & and all original memes are posted here first! Welcome to one of the funniest discord servers that you'll ever be a part of...
A server for gamers, memeboiz and funs. Join today!
My friends and are dumb. Maybe you are too, you can find out in this iq twistingly quizfusing server.
Feel free to join, we have giveaways, hacks, games, and u can join if u want to talk just.
🍻Events & Shitposts ; 🎵Games & Music ; 💩Memes & NSFW. '-'
A server where people could meet new people, play some games, share some memes, and most importantly, have fun! Join Now!
Epic place for the epicest members of society (no nerds)
hello gamers this servers for epic gamers, sisters, memers, and g a y s join the meme cult plz ok thx bye
Chick Server is a place to share memes with each other and chat with friends about various topics. This server does not prohibit the use of any language and has minimal rules regarding that. All memes are allowed.