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Welcome travelers, to the last great stronghold of shitpost Here you will find many extraordinary sights to behold ====> Shitposting ====> Relaxed staff and roles ====> Occasional random Nitro giveaways And much more! Come find out!
Meme | Social
This is Bingus server, very sussy server, memes etc Floppa is enemy of Bingus Love Bingus, and Bingus will love you
Community | Meme
típico servidor en español para conocer gente. publica memes y debate si deseas, pero lo más importante es dar ofrendas a nuestro dios dan schneider!! (reglas están dentro del server)
Meme | YouTuber
Servidor para gente amante de los buenardium, entra si no posteas fancams en Twitter y ganas un pase a mi onlyfans.
Social | Meme
Server I just made, talk about anything you want. Post your stolen memes or whatever We have a nsfw channel too
Meme | YouTuber
Quality meme
Social | Entertainment
A brand-new Discord focused on many topics such as Gaming, Music, and, of course, Dank Ass Memes. Come and shitpost with us!
Community | Meme
Share your own created memes or your stolen memes The Meme book 9.11$
Entertainment | Social
A place to chat about minecraft or other games, there's memes, there's not really any rules so uh just have fun
Meme | Community
Welcome to Dank Memes Melt Steel Beams. A Meme Community server with the focus of eradicating all instagram and facebook minion memes from the earth. But we are pretty chill too. we offer in server currency, movie and anime nights, a server music playlist made by the members, and we're always open to partner. So join now and see if your memes can melt beams.
Community | Gaming
A great place to make friends and share memes. Voice chat is nearly always active. Everyone always has some great laughs.
Gaming | YouTuber
Meme | Entertainment
Epic place for the epicest members of society (no nerds)
Gaming | Meme
This server is a small Nintendo Switch/Minecraft Bedrock community that hosts game events for Smash Brothers Ultimate, Mario Kart, Minecraft and other really cool games. We share memes and are a tight-knit community that really cares about each other. If you'd like to join ConvictCraft, we would love to have you!
Cool hangout for cool kids
A meme server with the aim of collecting memes from all around the internet and rating them...
Gaming | Meme
This is a server with a chill community and friendly mods! We are a fairly active server, we have fun roles, bots, dank memes, and occasional community events.
Meme | Community
just a dank meme server...
Meme | eSports
Join this server if you like fortnite and memes!
Gaming | Meme
Hawksvale Community Upcoming War Towny server with tons of unique features! Dank Memes Not Family-Friendly Friendly community
Meme | Gaming
Meme | Social
-- We have a bunch of retarted shit -- - Memes - Art - Livestreams - Ranks - Events - Extra Bullshit - Cancer Come on down if you want to escape reality and talk shit. (but seriously don't be annoying.) :)
Meme | Gaming
I'm bored.
Meme | Entertainment
Welcome to the big pp commies server. This is just a meme server where you can chill and talk and post memes. No small pps alowed.
Community | Meme | Social
Poggers, Road to 200, we're a growing anarchy server. Join if you'd like to watch a good shitshow.
Meme | Entertainment
Hey, traveler. You've reached a place where all the memes, from the simple ones to the dumb ones, are concentrated. This server is just developing and you can help it by posting your memes or helping the admins with your advice.
Meme | Community
A random emoji server. Must have nitro to use outside the server.
Community | Meme
Free emotes, also think about joining our meme server. It includes more emotes and 4 more server links for emotes Our meme server is called DankHub and we have a google drive for memes, currently holding over 36000 memes. We also have weird people and custom bots, one bot can also post memes from the google drive in the chat.
Social | Music
hia! welcome to hangout discord!! we're a new server, so it's pretty dead >.< waiting for you to join and talk with us! <3 >>>> about hangout discord <<<< - we will be hosting giveaways! - we have events! - we have gaming bots here (idle miner - mewbot) - we have music channels (chill uwu) - dank memer is here! which you can rob others' coin OwO - planning to do more things soon! we would be really grateful if you join our server, thank you!
Meme | Gaming
We are striving to be the best ALL AROUND server, meaning we should have something for everyone!
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Die you loser face maggot smelling garbage laundry basket
Meme | Bot
Dad Jokes | New Discord Server | Memes | Fun | Games | & More!
YouTuber | Meme
yoyoyo welcome to this weird server you might be looking its but kinda ignore server description cuz that just shows that memes memes shitpost. basically i have shitpost youtube channel and this server sucks ok bye
Community | Social
come make new friends, come make server active, this server is baby we need more people thanks.
Entertainment | Anime
Were not really targeted at one category like anime we tried to keep the server diverse so we can kinda bring people together