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Advertise your Discord servers and Social Media accounts for FREE! - 25000+ members! - Weekly Giveaways / Events / Contests - Tips on how to grow your server - Partnerships! - Stream / Youtube promotion (people will see when you go live or post a new video) - Games like: Dank Memer, Pokecord, Ball Z. - Latest Gaming / Patch / Sports News - Make your discord grow by posting Ads!
Gaming | Meme
A friendly CSGO community with active members, giveaways, tournaments, and a lot more! 11000+ members
Bot | Art
A server for people to chat , socialise and have fun ! Frequent dank giveaways as well, and tons of anime / history / art related content . Come join ! 😛
Community | Social
Server is to chill, make friends, giveaways, bots, and have fun
Community | Gaming
QT is a friendly community server with awesome bots to enjoy including dank memer, mewbot, unbelievaboat and owo bot. There’s also Mee6 ranking system with rewarded roles and self-assignable roles for you to choose from! We also share a love of gaming so if you play minecraft you’ll definitely find someone to game with. There is constant nitro and bot giveaways as well so please come join!
Community | Bot
Welcome to Dank Daily! We are an SFW premium server that is based mainly on Dank Memer. Join our server for a chill, fun time! Thank you.
Community | Social
A friendly server constantly improving and growing slowly but surely but if you could join to help it grow faster, it'll be very nice!
Meme | Community
Hello this is a anti-yandev server and that means we don't support yandere dev. Also this server has no rules so have fun saying anything!
Entertainment | Gaming
Come here if you enjoy chilling with others, playing games, looking at memes, and want to win giveaways!
Beliefs | Community
Snowflakes melt here.
Beliefs | Gaming
Welcome to Olympus! If you have ever dreamt of being a Demigod or even a Greek/Roman God from mythology, here is your chance, THE GODS ARE CALLING! This server is greatly moderated by bots and staff through out the server Chat with like-minded Greek/Roman mythology fans through Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus channels with kahoots and quizzes for various prizes!! We have currency bots like Dank Memer as well as a Godlike trading system using Trade Memer. By using Rythm and Groovy (lyres 1 and 2) you can listen to songs in Apollo's hall category - Apollo level music! Gaming :channels, play like the Spartans!!! Meming challenge, cmon!! Nickname of the month award! Photoshopping with NotSoBot is a whole new God-like experience. Athena Bot Development Channels - get help for bot Dev by verified developers!!! So What are you waiting for? OLYMPUS AWAITS!
Bot | Entertainment
Dank Memer, Pokerealm, OwO bot, dank memer giveaways, heists and other events. Nice and thoughtful staff Casual. Verification needed. Music bots and radio also inside. Offices of owners if you want to ask them something. Name colour roles
Community | Entertainment
Hi we want you to join our server MysticYT Community it is a great place to hang out and here are some features: * Free Nitro / Nitro Giveaways Our Bots: * Dank Memer * Mudamaid * Waifu Bot * Rythm * Tatsumaki Features: * Voice Chats * Voice Video Chat (Using Bot) * Growing Community * Fun bots * Allows Community Suggestions Join Today And Have Fun.
Entertainment | Bot
Dank Memer Server, Giveaways for Dank Memer. Bot fun, pokecord and others bot
Gaming | Community
A fun Server to hangout
We Strive To Show Everyone That Just Because You Have A Disibility Doesn't Mean You Are Different
We Strive To Show Everyone That Just Because You Have A Disibility Doesn't Mean You Are Different
Anime | Meme
My fellow pikachus you can join the pikachu nation, you can be a normal human and join, but if you wanna become a pikachu and get special permissions change either your name or pfp to pikachu WE ARE THE PIKACHUS! We have bunch of bots to play around with, very epic server
Community | Gaming
Bot | Gaming
Welcome to Dank Cult. We are a server with a friendly community that revolves around the Dank Memer Discord Bot! Rob and heist are both disabled so you may breathe freely. We hold frequent giveaways too! So join our cult now and be part of our community!
Entertainment | Community
In summary we're a chill, good minecraft server with its own minecrfat server ( trying to grow!
Entertainment | Bot
An entirely dank memer based server aided by other multi-purpose bots. A whole organized system to maintain law and order. With brand new concepts and opportunities to earn money through trading or giveaways and heists. A built in server shop with fresh weekly stock and prices lower then the shops.
Community | Meme
So what are you waiting on! Join us now and don't miss out on Huge giveaway
Meme | Bot
Meme | Gaming
We just have fun here at LumiNation, it is easy to join and easy to get into.
Role-Playing | Gaming
Pokécord-based server that allows sniping! Also tons of other bots can be used in the server. There's an bunch of NSFW channels, but you need to reach a certain role to get there.... and of course, if you have a private channel! The theme of this server is a corporation of sorts, with a CEO, a CFO, CBO, CTO, etc. How interesting this can get... we'll never know unless you join!
Bot | Community
❗Welcome to Pig Farm where a self proclaim PIG bestowed himself as GOD. Join us as we try to dethrone the evil Pigtator off his seat and bring back peace to the land. ❗ ⛔A fun server to hangout in and make new friends or foes.⛔ 🐽Numerous bots to play with 🐽Music sessions and Karaoke 🐽Exclusive roles and rooms to unlock 🐽We have contests, lottery and daily giveaways 🐽A private nsfw category and bot for those who dare! 🐽Oinktastic channels like oink-heaven, emoji spams, pokemon spawns, etc. 🐽And more... ❓So what are you waiting for? Come join Pig Farm and help us (save us) create a better place. ❓
Anime | Bot
come hither to our bot focused server :) we r welcoming and active
Gaming | Community
We welcome you to Loomian News, a Loomian fan server related to the game Loomian Legacy! We (The Loomian News staff team) host lots of giveaways, events (including art contests) and tournaments! Join our server if you're looking for a non-toxic community, we also got something for you PVP tryhards! There's a role called PVP GOD, obtain this role by beating the current PVP god. Ask us any question about Loomian Legacy and you will have a high chance for an answer. Help us grow our community by joining! Have fun
Anime | Entertainment
In Weebville, you get to hang out with other weebs! (and non weebs too) This server is brand new, and is looking for new joiners, like you! This server is a nice server with a friendly and caring community, as well as fun bots such as Waifubot, Pokecord, and Dank Memer. You can relax and chill with other people in this server, discussing things that you guys all enjoy. Here are some things we offer at Weebville: We have a main waifubot spawn channel for quick and easy claims We do giveaways on special occasions (mostly waifubot) NSFW channel for you guys over 18 Anime and custom emojis that you guys can suggest Waifubot auctions
Gaming | Meme
We are a community of people who play yugioh,dragon ball, Pokemon, and many more with tons of events and prizes to win
Bot | Meme
Hello! We are Dank Memer Central. We are an unofficial server directed to Dank Memer, a funny and multipurpose discord bot.
Gaming | Social
An amazing gaming community with tons of different types of players. you can find PC gamers, console gamers, and moible gamers! What are you waiting for? Join today!
Bot | Social
Dank Memer grinding and giveaways!
Community | Bot
- Custom color roles - Weekly and daily Dank Memer commands - Active chat with 2,000+ members - Designated Dank Memer Channels
Gaming | Music
Welcome to our server! This is a server where many people play games such as roblox, and there are many bots such as dank memer and Rythm. Robbing on the Dank Memer bot is enabled, so have fun! DANK MEMER IS PREMIUM! We also like music so join if you're interested!