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We created this server to meet all kinds of people! For everyone who can have a lot of fun and can also stay serious. Cheers🍻
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Welcome to Dank Cult. We are a server with a friendly community that revolves around the Dank Memer Discord Bot! Rob and heist are both disabled so you may breathe freely. We hold frequent giveaways too! So join our cult now and be part of our community!
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its a place where you can chat play games talk about fortnite its kid appropeite and in the server you rank up to different levels like newbie admin and more .we do fortnite accounts giveaways so yeah join
Anime | Gaming
Blazing warriors a fun server for weebs and otakus
Social | Meme
🎉 Dozens of giveaways ❤️ Active Chat ⭐️ Chill Community. This server is fun Of fun things that will keep you active this server promises to keep you entertained. We have some things here and tons of new people to talk to If you like to do any of the things on the tags This is the server for you. we
Entertainment | Community
A server that likes to use bots to have fun such as dank memer and rythm bot to listen to music.
Anime | Growth | Community
Plushie and Nitro Give aways!!?!? Talk, play games, explore new anime, and most importantly have a fun time! We have various types of emotes too, so the conversation will never be boring.
Anime | Gaming
PRO GAMERS has a lot of gaming and anime bots. Also, it has a great and amazing community.
Meme | Growth
︵‿︵‿୨ Pepe Kingdom ୧‿︵‿︵ We're a giveaway server that is currently expanding and giving away lots of Dank Memer Coins. If you're interested, why not to come and join now? There's lots of reasons why you should join! ‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ :poggertrain: SUPER DANK MEMES! :poggertrain: The Dank Memer and Dank Beta Bots! :poggertrain: Level 1 boost for multiple perks! :poggertrain: Currently hiring mods! :poggertrain: Multiple self advertising channels! :poggertrain: Leveling System with perks! :poggertrain: Multiple giveaways daily! :poggertrain: Many events for Dank Memer Coins! :poggertrain: A friendly community that welcomes you when you join! :poggertrain: MUCH MORE!
Social | Meme
Mittens Squad has a small community but the community stays positive! Our staff are always ready to help! We have some bots for fun. Our server is for people who want to talk to a friendly community!
Community | Anime
This server is a community server with giveaways bots good staff and members enjoy you're stay
Community | Bot
- Bots - NSFW-channels - Art - Anime - Daily topics - Giveaways - Nitro
Gaming | Anime
GodGamers | The Best BTD Battles Modding Server and Brawl Stars Dank Memer Discord
Art | Gaming
Welcome to a clean, fun server! In our community, we offer public self promoting, public game match ups, and free gfx assets are art promotion.
Community | Meme
This server is a fun based server where we focus on lots of fun and gaming. We have giveaways, events, lotteries, dank heists and a lot more. We focus on the best service to our members.
Community | Social
Timeless ✔ rob and heist disabled ✔ premium Dank Memer ✔ daily giveaways and frequent large heists ✔ amazing booster & investor perks ✔ trade area ✔ friendly & active staff ✔ other fun bots ✔ staff applications open ✔ pepe medal and pepe trophy giveaway at 1000 members!
Community | Gaming
Play games together :>
Gaming | Entertainment | Community
- Among Us Dedicated Server - Chill Vibes and Amazing Moderators - Premium Dank Memer Server - Robbing and Heists ALLOWED - Ranks and Leveling
Gaming | Community
this server is meant to be a community server for twitch streamers and gamers to come together and game and chill, anyone and everyone is welcome although joking is part of the fun so dont take anything to seriously, we have a set of rules that we think are good for our growing community and will allow us to have fun while also keeping everyone safe!
Community | LGBT
enjoy your stay if u feel harassed or sad in anyway talk in vent and ping the @ provided
Entertainment | Social
Graaaape is a community of friendly and supportive people from all over the world. We are a social ground for members to chat and make new friends! In this server, you don't have to be lonely alone! We also do dank memer , nitro and various giveaways
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Gamers Wecome
Bot | Gaming
We are new but try to be as active as possible
Gaming | Meme
🐸 Pepe Pantry 🐸 Hello! We are a fun and friendly server for Dank Memer, We do a lot of Heist and Giveaways and other fun events that we think you will like! 💕 👇What we offer for YOU to join! 👇 [💰] Heist Events Daily! [🎁] Giveaways that are worth 500k+ daily! [🛠] Amazing Staff! [ 🎪] Events for awesome prizes and fun! [❌ ] Robbing and Heist is permanently disabled. [ 💖] Friendly Server :O [ 🚀] Nitro Giveaways! Join now!
Community | Gaming
Very fun server with weekly dank Memer giveaways and gaming place also its boosted
Social | Hobbies
Welcome to ✨Chill Vibes✨, keep a single file line and your hands to yourself. Hopefully you enjoy your stay, whether it be short or long. We promise that once you’ve joined us you’re never going to experience a moment of unrest ever again.
Entertainment | Gaming
Welcome to Community r25! Enjoy your 1st minute stay!! ;) ___________________________ We provide: FULL ON User respect! supports LGTBQ Gaming! IMPROVING SECURITY Giveaways!! Racism, bigotry, homophobia, hate speech or any of the sort is not allowed in the server! We have supports! we dont allow swearing for now but im going to fix that! QUALITY MEMES OF COURSE and man of cultures ;)
Gaming | Streaming
Community aesthetic server with streaming, gaming and having a good time. Self promote yourself while enjoying like minded company
Social | Music
This server The Vibe Center, is a server where you can relax and chill. This is mainly a social server where you can talk and make friends, but we also have events and games too! We also sometimes do giveaways!
Meme | Bot
Dank memer server and rob disabled will be activating when our server reaches 100 members. Help Us reach 100 members.!!
Community | Entertainment
A server. That's all this is. A server for ages 16+ and somewhat toxic teens, nothing more. 🙄 What we have: ☾ Cool Emojis ☾ What?? Dank Memer Premium!?!? ☾ Horny people that need to stop being horny ☾ Kind of somewhat addicted to Belle Delphine Hope to see you there!!
Social | Community
An Epic server for socialising and giveaways and advertisements!! >Here you can chill out >Advertise your server >Do giveaways and take part in them >Join gaming and normal vcs
Entertainment | Bot
*READ THE DESCRIPTION AND THEN DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO JOIN* Hello raiders! This is my server where its topic is the dank memer bot!! We are raiding other servers and we rob our targets(in other server ofc). Our mission isnt just to become rich but also have fun with our target!! we can heist wallet rob or take revenge on someone that robbed you berore!!! The best thing is that when we reach enough members we will start doing events and giveaways!!!!(Dont forget to verify👍) ;) Note:this server might be underrated....many people join and leave cause they think that the server is useless...we made enough raids and we had fun...patience is the key where some people dont have it Join the server and have fun and..... 🗡see you in the robbery robbers🔪