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Active & fun community 🤗 Nitro giveaways 💸 Premium Bots 🤖 Huge Dank giveaways & heists 🤑 Custom Games, events & more in ⚔️The Titans⚔️
Community | Social | Entertainment
Active & fun community 🤗 Nitro giveaways 💸 Premium Bots 🤖 Huge Dank giveaways & heists 🤑 Custom Games, events & more in ⚔️The Titans⚔️
Social | Growth
14 army is a socialising server and it has many perks once you have joined, the server includes ❗️Self advertising channel ❗️ Friendly staff ❗️Dank memer and owo bots
Community | Gaming
We're a brand new community! We have cool leveling systems, inviter roles, and active staff, we will be recruiting more staff when we reach 100 members! hope you enjoy your staY!
Gaming | Emoji
• ➳Dank memer server (rob disabled) • ➳Sysbot to gen pokemon in sword and shield • ➳Lobby bot to join your fortnite lobby
Community | Social
hey everyone ;D I am building a community that u will find in : -active chat (by ur help) -if u are looking for mates u can find -memes and dank memer games -and the owner always responds to ur messages!
Anime | Gaming
Kamé House is a server for both weebs and gamers. There's a general chatroom where you can make friends and chill to your heart's content. We feature entertainment bots such as dank memer and RinBot for your anime guessing games. We also have music and dedicated gaming channels. If there's anything else you wish to be added, your suggestions and contributions will be very much appreciated. Have funn!!!
Meme | Entertainment
A community created by meme creators for meme creators and their communities. Everyone has the chance to talk with creators from YouTube and ask for advice & questions
Bot | Gaming
Check out our server if you dont like it you are free to leave but if you like it try joining our server :)
Bot | Social
⭐ Welcome To Marsman Spacecraft ⭐ ✨ We are A Space Themed Dank Memer Based Server ✨ 💫 Daily Giveaways And Heists Worth 50M + 💫 Dank Memer Premium 💫 Rob and Heist Permanently Disabled 💫 Active And Friendly Staff 💫 Fun Bots To play With 💫 Daily Pepecs , Millionaire and 10 pepes 💫 Daily 50M+ Heists 💫 Fortnightly Pepet , Weekly Pepem
Community | Meme
We are a growing community server we offer a fun and active community we have plenty of bots to enjoy so come join our server
Meme | Entertainment
Welcome to our server!! Here you will find some amazing stuff to do! You will get two amazing reaction role! 1st is Memer who upload memes in our server and 2nd is Watcher who sees the memes! There is the mist amazing memes!! Join and if you don't like you are free to leave! Thank you!
Meme | Community
wet-water is a growing multi-bot server where you can just chill out, have fun, play with the bots and even make new friends!
Gaming | YouTuber
This is an amazing server for al types of gamers, and games! We have many topics and have an amazing mod-system, with a music bot, Dank Memer, and more! We also do giveaways of Dank-Memer coins and items from games.
Bot | Social
Keep your Dank Memer coins safe, win giveaways, meet great people, trade, and more!
Community | Social
◤ ──┄゚。⋆✧✲゚。⋆。⋆─── ⋆✩⋆ Be playful & kind, we care about having this server feel amazing, so we are constantly improving the server to keep you on the edge of your seat. The frog is our main bot & we’ll love to have you in our server ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
Bot | YouTuber
dank memer server Nitro giveaway when we hit 200 members Loyalty rewards for the most loyal members Once we hit 100 members we will start minimum 1 mill giveaways and heists will start shortly after Friendly owner that allows swearing but no racist words All in all have fun and please do join
Community | Entertainment
DANKG * Active discord server with active staff * Friendly community * Daily giveaways * 150M event at 100 members! (including two pepe trophies)
Gaming | Music
Welcome To Dank Loot Come And Loot!!!! → We do Daily Gaw's :tada: → We Do Daily Heists All Of 1M And More :moneybag: → No NSFW Content :100: → Rob And Heists Are Disabled but we do Daily friendly heists :bank: → Cool Game Events Every week → With Dank Memer sales bot get pinged for more than 40% discount and much more :label: → Chill Music :musical_note: → So Why Not Join With This Much Of Stuff
Community | Entertainment
Having fun, join and help the server grow! 100 member special 100 mil heist Dank memer. 1 mil+ gaws everyday. Dank memer rob and heist disabled. More bots = more fun. Serverr still developing. We would appreciate if you help and join the server. Have fun!
Community | Bot
This is the secondary official server for r/userphone. It's a server for people to meet new people and make friends and form bonds. Bot commands, chatting, and posting media are all contained in one room. Each room is like that, except the VC rooms. A custom role and custom color upon joining.
Meme | Role-Playing
My man Goochie out here lookin' real suspect... Try to give him as much shit as you can as long as it's nothing foul or invasive of his privacy he's fun to mess with. Just be careful what you wish for.
Bot | Community
about dank memer and hanging out. We have alot of chats and do giveaways alot alot alot so join
Bot | Community
Basically a dank memer server with heists, safe trading, events, giveaways with robbing and bankrobbing disabled.
Bot | Meme
Corrupt Empire is a community of people that post memes and talk to each other. This is a new server slowly growing. Join The server.
Community | Meme
Welcome To Beyond!! We are a community server with the goal of letting anyone and everyone have fun! We have tons of chats where you can discuss, mess around, and have fun with other members. We also have our own bot and tons of other fun bots.
Gaming | Bot
Welcome To Lion SMP This Is A Server Made For Minecraft This Server Has Friendly Members No Swearing And No NSFW Daily Dank Memer Giveaways Worth More Then 100k Rob/Heist Disables So No Worries About Losing Money
Community | Hobbies
Our goal is to bring Discord's community together. Are you a gamer, a developer, a musician or even a student looking for a chill community? Then our server is the one for you!
Community | Bot
Uses dank memer, holds daily giveaways, and giveaways happen every 12 hours!
Crypto | Emoji
»»——— House Of Memers ———«« ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ we are a dank memer based server What we offer ➪Weekly Pepetrophy giveaway ➪ Daily Giveaways Worth 100mil ➪ Rob Disable/Heist Disable ➪ Friendly Heist ➪ Chill Community ➪ Hourly Rare Pepe ➪ Active Staff ➪ Fun Commands , Active Members ➪ Premium Server Status ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ And Much More!!! We hope you enjoy our server and have a great day!
Gaming | Community
A friendly CSGO community with active members, giveaways, tournaments, and a lot more! 25000+ members
Gaming | Meme
A cool Dank Memer server with giveaways and fun everyday!
Community | Gaming
A fun server with events and giveaways. Most people in the server like Minecraft, but we also have star wars, anime and more ! Why not give it a go ? Join today!
Emoji | Gaming
Best Bots & 100 Meme Emotes 👌 Global Emotes (Mixer) 👌 DankMemer NO Rob/Heist 👌 Discord Alpha APKs 👌 Free Games/DLC (PS, Wii, Windows, Xbox) 👌 JoJo Memes 👌 Nightcore, NCS, S3RL, Trap Music 👌
Community | Entertainment
♛Azlo's Dream World♛ ✪ Our server is 100% SFW. ✪ Our staff are here to help you! ✪ The owner is for the most part active. ✪ We have a custom bot for our server. ✪ We do weekly events ✪ We have fun bots you can play with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Join today, it’s free and you can always change your mind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Community | Anime
Our new server was intended to be a community, anime, and gaming discord server. We have an outstanding leveling system that gives your perks along the way. Share it with everyone because they will love it here!
Bot | Bot
Ryan’s Glorious Dankers! We are very serious when it comes to dank memer 🐸! - We love to do giveaways, this includes flash giveaways. - We have partner heists notifications! - We actually do heists too 🏛
Gaming | Community
Loomian News is mainly about notifying you about the news that goes around the Loomian Legacy Community but also functions as collaborating, sharing, and non-toxic community where you can chat with all kinds of people. We also host events that vary from art contests to PVP-tournaments Do you seek a place to share your thoughts & creations? This place would be perfect for you! We're always open to suggestions from our community and would love to see you be part of it. Join now!