Gaming | Meme
Un serveur à la cool et de bonne qualité. évidamment fait pour le gaming (N'est pas fait pour les rencontres ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
Community | Gaming
"If You Like A Lot Of Gaming On Your Biscuit, Join Our Fireplace" - Server Zero
Community | Social
🗽Where the democracy is strong, the debate robust, and the freedom is plentiful! This small community emulates U.S politics and state politics (NY, CA, FL, etc)!
Gaming | Role-Playing
I made a Minecraft server with 70 slots, and its an anarchy type server, you may join if you wish and owned Minecraft. Build a nation or join one and battle for land or make alliances, enemies and wage war, the choice is yours. In order for me to do any changes to the minecraft server i must hold a vote and let the players cast thier voice on gameplay or mechanical changes. Like plugins or mods.
Military | Gaming
Glory to Ireland! Visit a brand new, revolutionary ro-nation set in the 1940’s. After a successful revolt from the British Homeland, we Irish are staying together under our elected Governor General, passing bills and improving the homeland each day. Come join the group! You know you won’t want to miss this.
Political | Role-Playing
You start as a citizen. You can run for city council, mayor, state rep, governor, representative in the house, senator, president, or in the supreme court. You also can start a news organization or lobbyist company.
Community | Role-Playing
This is essentially a realistic community roleplay of the ancient Roman Republic. There are realistic battle simulations, you can declare civil war, run for political and judicial positions etc.
Furry | Gaming
An experimental democracy/government/chaos simulator. Fun for all the family.
Role-Playing | Community
The only place where you have the power to influence the server's decisions, without fear of powerful moderators ruining it. Join today!