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We are your gaming Discord server!?Still playing CS:GO or other games alone?..?Qmistry knows how annoying it is to play with 'RANDOMS' ?
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Gaming | eSports | Community
We are your gaming Discord server!?Still playing CS:GO or other games alone?..?Qmistry knows how annoying it is to play with 'RANDOMS' ?
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Gaming | Meme
Un serveur à la cool et de bonne qualité. évidamment fait pour le gaming (N'est pas fait pour les rencontres ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
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Community | Gaming
"If You Like A Lot Of Gaming On Your Biscuit, Join Our Fireplace" - Server Zero
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Entertainment | Anime
Welcome to Hierarchy! This server is a little pet project of yours truly. This server is basically democracy lite. Every x weeks, you, yes you, the peaceful denizens of the server get to vote for your new King. Your king has complete authority over the server. They can ban, mute, and kick members, they can edit, remove, and swap channels, they can add new rules (but their rules cannot go against mine or Discord's ToS), etc. They can also choose people to stand alongside them as their Judges. At the end of their term, if they're voted out, their Judges are stripped of their position and the king is removed from their throne. Kings also choose the overall topic of the server, for example, if a King wanted to make this server a server about idk, cats, they'd be able to and change (or have me change) the tags on disboard as they see fit.
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Community | Social
?Where the democracy is strong, the debate robust, and the freedom is plentiful! This small community emulates U.S politics and state politics (NY, CA, FL, etc)!
Cult of The Evil Icon
Furry | Gaming
An experimental democracy/government/chaos simulator. Fun for all the family.
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Role-Playing | Community
The only place where you have the power to influence the server's decisions, without fear of powerful moderators ruining it. Join today!
Powerland 2: Resurrection Icon
Political | Beliefs
Welcome to Powerland 2! A simple nation rp server based upon rping as politicians in well.. Powerland!
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Entertainment | Political
A fun server focused on gaming, We have TONS of different games you can play and you can look for great people to play with! You can rank up in the server to unlock more perks and even campaign to become a moderator! Or you can vote on other people, in doing so YOU can choose who runs the server!
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Community | Social
Here you will be able to invite friends, meet new people, and have fun, thanks.
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Community | Social
The United States of Edigan (USE) is a server consisting of multiple community-run states. Each state is an assortment of channels created and governed democratically by the community thereof for the purpose of fostering a more enjoyable, congenial atmosphere.
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Political | Community
A server for progressives who want a welfare state with solidarity, freedom and justice! We admire the progress that Nordic countries have made in economic and social justice and want to go further, including addressing the current climate crisis. We are an international community of progressives that discuss and debate politics, play games, react to the news cycle and read books together. We are LGBTQIA+ inclusive and don't allow slurs or hate speech of any type. We accept liberals, moderates and centrists, but socialists, communists, conservatives, libertarians, anarchists and fascists are not welcome. "What is social democracy?" Social democracy is a political ideology that advocates for a capitalist market economy characterized by state intervention and regulation as well as a welfare state that enables the realization of both positive and negative liberties. Its core values are freedom, justice and solidarity. References: Economics and Social Democracy, by Simon Vaut et al.