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Mock government discord for Albania and member of the United Nations of Discord.
Community | Meme
Mock government discord for Andorra and member of the United Nations of Discord.
Community | Social
🗽Where the democracy is strong, the debate robust, and the freedom is plentiful! This small community emulates U.S politics and state politics (NY, CA, FL, etc)!
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Welcome to the Kingdom of Skørland, a South Scandanavian fictional nation for roleplaying in a modern world. Anywhere from running your own campaign for Prime Minister to becoming a buisness owner or even working as a revolutionary to take action against the nation. A lot of oppurtunities, and a dedicated staff behind the server means we'll try to make sure you'll be having a good time in our server. - Active Staff - Realistic Features - Multiple positions - Working government - Realistic simulated events and issues
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Role-Playing | Political
Join United States Election Simulator! We are a fun government simulator with player run parties and news organizations. The possibilities are limitless in this virtual America! We have: - A full government - Good moderation - Campaigning for elections - Interesting roleplay - Fun people :flag_us: Join today! :flag_us:
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We are an RP server set in Belgium. Here we have friendly members you can chat to, and many things that aren't in any other server! We hope that we see you in Brussels!
Political | Role-Playing
Run for President, Senator, House or Governor! Participate in a great community!
Role-Playing | Political
Eternal German Empire is a German mock government server. Though it is just mock government, it also have a stable and working economy. Moreover, we have a progressive levelling system so that you feel more rewarding when you attain a higher level because of more jobs unlocked.