Literally Heaven is a hangout, strictless server that originated from 9gag's Anime&Manga section, with monster girl content of all kinds. Knows both how to be chill and hyperactive.
Communauté française CHILL dans laquelle vous pourrez suivre les projets de développement FiveM tels que : › Mini Games 🎮 › › Projet Secret. 🌠 (Bientôt) Vous pouvez aussi vous amuser avec le Draftbot développé par Draft ou bien le Zeno bot ! 🤖 N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre, même pour jeter un œil ! 👀 Vous êtes les bienvenus ! 🤗
Long ago, God created several realms. Realms to separate the 3 main races: Humans, Angels and Demons. War had broken out amongst them long ago, and -tired of their pointless fighting- divided them. He created Earth: a lush place full of animals, humans and many more species such as elves or dwarves. In Hell, the demons resided: it was a place full of varying temperatures before falling cold apart from one place. At last, Heaven. A luxurious, more advanced place full of the various angels- and the area God himself resided in. However, some of the barriers between realms were broken apart by powerful beings and chaos ensued. Until, after a series of events, peace and balance was restored to the universe.... But it won't stay that way. Not if people are there to stop the evil lurking in the shadows- or will you join them and destroy everything? It's your choice. Everything is up to you to decide.
A safe place for simple chilling.