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We are a small server that have a lot of things in common (games, anime, etc.) Always welcoming new members to join us in our Impasta house!
Music | Gaming
Official Discord of Eklo, Musician & Partnered Streamer.
Gaming | eSports
Music | Gaming
Oytun Su Official Discord Server
Community | Gaming
Bonjour, aujourd'hui je vous presente mon discord: Les Neurchi de Miel Ce discord a pour but de créer une situation de partage. Si tu as l’âme créatif et plein de ressource alors lance toi, les emoji/ memes les plus droles seront retenues et mit en emoji personnalisé. Cordialement, Miel Serveur discord de MielFox Chill and relax. Community and gaming house.
Community | Entertainment
Welcome to my home! This is official, by the way. This is where you and everyone can have some fun in here! This server will probably have more bots, and more! Enjoy! (This server has cooperated with LuckyServer, bunker.jpeg (now defunct), BloxDonalds, Bus Simulator, Bus Stop Simulator, and Bus Community. If you wanna learn more about these, hit me up at EdwardBloxy#7579.)
Community | Role-Playing
Welcome to Let's Talk Canada! Here, you can discuss Canadian politics and elections, or participate in our Canadian-based Mock Government Simulator with a functioning Parliament, Monarchy, and Cabinet!
Community | Gaming
We are a community that is based around Gaming, Music and Memes. We also have our own youtube channel which our you tubers upload on. This is really fun to watch. As staff we try to be as interactive as possible and make the players happy. You can come here as long as you keep things PG and do not offend someone! We hope to see you here! SuB management
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Tokeys Treehouse is a fun place to hang and chat with friends! Come to hear music from yours truly. I have high hope for this community, help me build a place everyone can have fun!
Role-Playing | Gaming
Brother's Family House is Family-Friendly, this Server is for any fans what they liked something.
Community | Meme
A server based around building a family of people you care about. Interactive channels allow you to feel very at home...
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Te quedaste en tu casa encerrado unos dias? Entra a mi casa...Un lugar tranquilo
Music | Hobbies
Die Radioshow mit der besten Musik aus House, Electro ,Trance, Dance, EDM und der Partyzone zum abfeiern ... Bass-Clubbers Audioplayer: ► ◄ Radio/Chat: ► ◄
Music | Education
A Music Production Server and Online HQ of Cyber Vibe Records; We are dedicated to the education and advancement of knowledge that is audio production. This server is MOSTLY dedicated to Progressive/Melodic House and Techno.
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Upgrade your music limits with total Freedom!
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The official r/tech_house Discord server, We have finally decided to make a discord server dedicated to the sub-genre of House, Tech House. Here you can meet and chat to likeminded people who share an interest in all things house music, whether that be tech house, minimal, acid or techno; all are welcome! The server also features additional chatrooms for producers, self-promotion, memes, track ID requests and gaming! More to be added soon. There are a series of self-assignable roles to help distinguish yourself on the server.
Music | Streaming
webradio, dance ,edm ,live ,remix ,dj ,bassclubbers ,bass ,clubbers ,shoutcast ,onlineradio ,Internetradio ,wasgeht ,party ,moderatoren ,fun ,livemix ,Abendprogramm ,Feierabend ,radioshow ,mixedby ,femaledj ,shedj ,djane ,electro ,progressive ,futurehouse ,mainstage ,sound ,einschalten
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Music, EDM, House, Drum&Bass, Party, Connect.
Music | Hobbies
Discuss your favorite genres, artists, and self made Electronic Music!