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Art | Writing
IFTP Creator Corner for people who: create music, art, draw, paint, animate, sings, plays music instrument, writes, writes poetry, story writers, philosophers, craft makers. A place to promote your craft and find other creators to collaborate with and grow as creator.
Music | Community
Nous sommes une communauté dédié à la production musical / Beatmaking / Rap & Chant, tout style confondu et peut importe votre niveaux ! We are a community dedicated to music production / Beatmaking / Rap & Singing, any style and any level !
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Music | Community
This server is the perfect place for music producers and artists to find each other, collab and discuss all things music.
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Music | Entertainment
We are Hybrid Records i know your wondering what are we, Well we are a new starting Record Label that you can join and promote your Music!
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Community | Gaming
Bienvenido al servidor oficial de la comunidad de David Tapia, únete y toma asiento porque te vas a divertir mucho :D
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Community | Social
We welcome people of all communities.
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Music | Hobbies
A Karaoke Server on Discord! Events held spontaneously, but guaranteed to happen at least every other day! Sing your favorite songs and be yourself! Don't feel like singing? That's no problem! Listen in and have a blast with your friends in the community!
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Music | Anime
Server of one of the biggest public page of Vocaloid Hatsune Miku in social network VK! What we have: • Latest news of Vocaloid fandom • Cool bots • Voice Channels by category • Many pickable roles • Hidden NSFW channel • Many channels with different themes ...and many many more! So JOIN us!
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Music | YouTuber
A community of producers, singers, rappers and all the rest of them. This is a place for collabing aswell as giving and receiving advice from and to other musicians. Share this server with any musicians you know. We are looking for both beginners and professionals.
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Music | Community
Labyrinth of sound is a small musician from Minnesota. Join this Discord to stay up to date on his latest releases, uploads, and streams!
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Streaming | Music
What you get here: Amazon giveaways, special games we created for you, free karaoke instrumentals and voicechannels you can create yourself!
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Music | Education
Expand your singing skills! Review a massive growing library of instructional resources & ask technique questions and request constructive feedback from vocal coaches! Weekly karaoke events and more! Join One Voice today! Become the singer you were born to be! Anyone can sing! With passion and hard work anything possible!
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Music | Entertainment
We are server dedicated to Dua Lipa. Get closer with Loves community, participate in our events, get newest info from Dua's socials thanks to our bots, discuss about other artists and many more!