Community | Social
We welcome people of all communities.
Music | Education
We are a music-orientated server which aims to become your favorite! Our goal is to create a platform for music enthusiasts, musicians of all sort and people who simply listen to music. You may share your music, lyrics, get feedback, and much more! Everybody likes music, so why not join already?
Hobbies | Music
- Singing - Rapping - Beatboxing - Frequent events - Friendly community - Unique Roles!
Music | Education
The General Music Community is the new Discord server for musicians, music enthusiasts or people who're interested in music! Join now!
Music | Art
♡ All things cutesy, arts, and music! ♡ We are a very small, family-friendly arts community looking to grow and expand! Our focus is on music, but every other form of artistic expression is both celebrated and welcome! I hope you join and grace us with your wonderful presence!
Music | Social
Music community for anyone who loves music:)
Entertainment | Music
Have you always wanted to be noticed for your musical talents? Have you always wanted to participate in talent shows and win big prizes just for showing off your talents? Wait no, have you always wanted to listen to other people's music and join an awesome community? What If I can tell you we have all of that?
Community | Gaming
This server contains a little bit of everything, and more can be added if it's lacking anything
Music | Community
C'est un serveur français pour tous les musiciens, et même les curieux.. Tu y trouveras: - La possibilité de mettre en avant tes créations, jeune artiste en herbe, qui est sérieux et veux faire de sa passion, une vocation - Apprendre, avoir des conseils, ou même donner des conseils, que ce soit, pour l'achat, l'apprentissage, le solgfège ou le matériel.. - Faire d'éventuel rencontre avec d'autres instrumentalistes, pour créer une collaboration dans la réalité ou dans le virtuel.. - Et c'est avant tout, une bonne ambiance, entre les bohèmes qui émerveillent ce monde, autour du même point commun, la musique...
Music | Community
Musician's Circle is a hub for all musicians to learn, collaborate, get feedback on their work and generally just talk music! We boast dedicated learning channels for your instruments, self-assignable roles and a large library of free learning resources that you will not find on other music servers!