🌟Gaming 🌸Movie nights 🌟Anime 🌸Music 🌟Giveaways 🌸Exp system 🌟Color roles 🌸Selfies 🌟Waifus   🌸Level 3 boosted 🌟 200+ Emotes 🌸 Pokecord  
🌟Gaming 🌸Movie nights 🌟Anime 🌸Music 🌟Giveaways 🌸Exp system 🌟Color roles 🌸Selfies 🌟Waifus   🌸Level 3 boosted 🌟 200+ Emotes 🌸 Pokecord  
🌟Gaming 🌸Movie nights 🌟Anime 🌸Music 🌟Giveaways 🌸Exp system 🌟Color roles 🌸Selfies 🌟Waifus   🌸Level 3 boosted 🌟 200+ Emotes 🌸 Pokecord  
Share and discuss your favorite games, anime, streams, and digital art. Everyone is welcome to join us! We have karaoke and movie nights as well as monthly art events! | 2,500+ Members
Join and make new friends, find new interest, and many more
Welcome to 𝗖𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗩𝗼𝗶𝗰𝗲 𝗞𝗮𝗿𝗮𝗼𝗸𝗲 Server! A place where everybody can have fun and sing! 🎤 This server is a friendly karaoke server where everyone can meet new friends, improve their singing, and chill!🎊😋 This is what we have: -Friendly community 😊 -Active members 😍 -Cool bots! 🤖 -Tier events 🤩 Hope you can check us out!😋Thank you!!🤗😘
We have karaoke, an anime chat, a gaming chat, a yugioh chat, memes and much more! Check #information for rules and roles, #normie_discussion is the main chat.
A breezy social, gaming, and events community. We're small but growing. Come say hi.
We provide a friendly and loving community. We have a small amount of members and, that's why we need you! We need your support so we can build our army. We welcome you to join our saloon, a place where find a way to find joy. If you want more information about the server, kindly join and find rules and info, thank you for your time. We wish you to join soon! ♥️
Have you always wanted to be noticed for your musical talents? Have you always wanted to participate in talent shows and win big prizes just for showing off your talents? Wait no, have you always wanted to listen to other people's music and join an awesome community? What If I can tell you we have all of that?
Karaoke Joint Can you sing? Can you write and play music? Do you play Video Games? Well we have it all!! gift blue_heart purple_heart Our Server Has: - A Chill & Friendly Community - LGBT+ Safe and SFW - Active staff and members - Tons of Roles - Movie nights, Game night, Open Mics, and More!!! - Singing ranks and Vocal Help - Therapy and Advice Section - Gaming Section - Giveaways - And More to come in the Future! We hope to see you soon!
A Karaoke Server on Discord! Events held spontaneously, but guaranteed to happen at least every other day! Sing your favorite songs and be yourself! Don't feel like singing? That's no problem! Listen in and have a blast with your friends in the community!
League of Legends Community, coaching, giveaways, play with new people and find duoQ partners, tournaments, other events and more!
Join the Black Order and serve our almighty Thanos. No, but seriously if you’re looking for a server that’s cool, chill, and accepting then come join us. We have: -a venting channel to let all your feelings out -a hobbies category -karaoke and many more!
hi ... brand new server looking for new friends (: - we are looking for guy and girl friends (mostly guys) - we have p much no rules, & we love toxic men - tryna have some movie dates .. ahaha - haha... if ur aggressive: we want u - so if you want some new friends, or ppl to mess around w, we r ur ppl.
Hello!This is a place to hangout and just have fun with friends and meet new people!We have various bots and music channels!We do karaoke every now and then,we will have gaming nights and many other fun things to do!Come and join to have fun!
A Karaoke server to hangout and chill in owo. Talk About anime, games, memes, and more. Server isn't finished yet, so help us with the suggestion box owo
Summary: - Rap Battles - Karaoke Night - Pack Battles (Diss Fighting) - Friendly Staff / Community - Meet new people - E-Dating
Hey, You - Yeah, You! are you looking for a FRIENDLY & ACTIVE community? If so, "DINO DEN" Has that and more! What we offer: An art channel to share your talents Self-Assignable roles An active community Partnerships! Open for staff recruitment (Moderators, Helpers, etc...) JOIN TODAY - NOBODY'S STOPPING YOU
This is a new community for friends or strangers to sing karaoke online together!
Our server was created on July 31, 2019 and was publicly released on January 1, 2020. It’s an aesthetic themed server. Safe and positive community, where everyone is treated kindly and equally. Which excludes poor behavior, more information in #rules.
Oceanic Gaming for Australian and New Zealand gamers and everything in between.
We are a gaming, anime and chilling server for people to hangout and have a good time.
Sobre animes e um pouco de games
Friendly Community Server. Active VC and text channels. Play LoL BDO CSGO and lots of other games. Alongside K-Pop and Anime. Good groups of friends who are always on VC
This is the Official Discord of "AniMelon". Join if you like Anime. We do Karaoke occasionally!
Okaerinasai! It's a family-friendly server, a place to chill, and discuss your favorite manga/manhwa, anime and/or novel. Feel free to roam around and spam all the servants... cough.. i mean bots. FEATURES: *Lots'a Weebs *We play UNO, Skribbl.io, CAH, D&D and more. *A LOOOOOT OF VCs, even Karaoke. *We have a S.O.S Hotline & Channel, helping people with their problems, dont worry it's private channel WINK WINK *Art Channels *Webnovel Authors *GAMERS WEEBS ARE OMNIPOTENT!!!
Formerly partnered with the Subtle Asian Aesthetics Facebook page. Community server based around Asian Aesthetics including fashion, art and design, photography and beauty and skincare with monthly events and other future events. We also have a bunch of off-topics such as gaming, karaoke, cars, music, confessions and a few more! Mostly Asian members, non-Asians are welcome but yellow fever is not.
We are a music-orientated server which aims to become your favorite! Our goal is to create a platform for music enthusiasts, musicians of all sort and people who simply listen to music. You may share your music, lyrics, get feedback, and much more! Everybody likes music, so why not join already?
We are open to any and everyone and our purpose is to make new friends
A fun server that advises all both men, women and Australians to feel welcomed and enlightened, and to be eXtRaOrDiNaRy.
Server para fazer amigos, com muita diversão e muitos bots uteis
Annyeonghaseo and welcome to Soju and Co Cafe! 🌟 Fun wholesome community for chill people 🌟 Frequent events 🌟 Nitro giveaways 🌟 Fun bots 🌟 Friendly staffs 🌟Skribblio 🌟Movie nights 🌟Inhouse League & more!
░ Friendly ░ Social ░ Gaming ░ Anime ░ Giveaways ░ English ░ Art ░ Music ░ Memes ░ Roleplay ░ Mystery Game ░ Movies ░ Color Roles ░ Leveling ░ Pats and Hugs ░ Bot Games ░ Karaoke/Singing ░ Welcoming, supportive members and staff! ░ Everyone is welcome to come chat and find friends! ░
A very welcoming server, anyone is able to join no matter what your race/ethnicity is. You Must Be 16 or older to join this server. We are looking for nice and kind people to fit right into our community. We hope to see you guys there!
Active community with several giveaways posted including Minecraft Java Edition, several x1 month Nitros, and 1 year Nitro ending soon! Join now to participate in giveaways. We have gaming bots such as Premium Mudae (Waifu Claiming Bot), Economy Bot, etc.
Karaoke Or A Group that will help inspire its New Artists into making beautiful content too share!
World's Hottest Music Source