We're a chill place for gaming and music. From just chilling out to producing, we cover all the dope topics. Studio is small and lowkey but we want to build it beyond our expectations! Come check it out!
Are you a fan of Aries? Or make your own music? well this is the perfect place for you to come hang out and talk about everything Aries and music! Welcome Home :) We Offer: *Talk about producing, mixing and creating music *Self assignable and leveled roles *A relaxed laid back community *A community to talk about Aries as much as your heart desires!
The newest and greatest music production hub that you will not want to miss being apart of. This community is striving to be the best source for all things music production related from finding a visual artist, vocalist, engineer, or producer to work with, to sharing sample packs and original creations for thorough feedback. This discord will be a hot spot for collaboration guaranteed.
We are a music-orientated server which aims to become your favorite! Our goal is to create a platform for music enthusiasts, musicians of all sort and people who simply listen to music. You may share your music, lyrics, get feedback, and much more! Everybody likes music, so why not join already?
Sine.wav is a community of music producers of any kind. We dont care about what DAW youre using, what genre you prefer, how old you are or where you come from. Feel free to join if youre interested
Discord Server based around music production and audio engineering
We provide a friendly and welcoming environment to better develop, craft, and promote your content while networking with other rappers, producers, singers, beatboxers, and more! The RMC staff is fully committed to making sure your experience in our server will be the best it can possibly be!
Do you think your talents have what it takes when you stand among other great artists? Come find out. VITAE PER ARTES ET FIDES.
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