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Our only goal: Have fun! We have Movie Nights, Movie Debates, Nitro Giveaways, Writing Competition, Server Economy used for the Movie Trivia.
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We're building a transparent audience owned studio system to totally disrupt Hollywood. Join the rebellion.
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A filmmaking server for filmmakers of any kind.
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𝗪𝗘 𝗕𝗘𝗟𝗜𝗘𝗩𝗘 𝗜𝗡: 🎤Giving a voice to the voiceless through the power of film-making. 👑Providing everyone with the opportunity to succeed. 🎭Creating knowledge and change through the medium of entertainment. 🧠Providing equal access to education through free mentorship. 🌍And way more!
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We're Ash and Chris, a husband and wife team on Twitch growing a new and enthusiastic community for filmmakers, cinephiles, and pop-culture enthusiasts! Join the crew!
Entertainment | Music
Welcome to The Drive-In, a server dedicated to talking movies and music. We host frequent streams and other events. If you're looking for some place to catch a movie with some friends or just chill out and talk about whatever, this is it. We are friendly to people of all tastes and preferences!
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A place for independent film fans, creators, and industry partners to meet, collaborate, and stay updated on our progress.
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Official Discord Server for YouTube Group and Indie Filmmakers, Art School Dropouts. We are Art School Dropouts (-- none of us went to art school)! We are a small New Jersey based YouTube channel and film production group. We are predominantly run by Joey Min aka "Director Senpai" and Stephanie Pham aka "Mom" (she is our mom of the group.) We are an asian minority digital media group dedicated to producing original narrative-driven weekly “feel-good” content to promote minorities in the indie filmmaking world. Join our discord! ◘ Martial arts ◘ Filmmaking ◘ Photography Patreon-Exclusive Perks! ◘ Patreon-only chats ◘ Exclusive Behind-the-scenes to our productions ◘ Monthly movie nights ◘ Never-released content
Art | Community
Die aufstrebende Community für junge, kreative Menschen. Sowohl Amateure als auch Profis sind herzlich willkommen. Besonders die Bereiche Fotografie, Filmmaking, Musik und Design stehen im Vordergrund.
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Movies, Gaming & Stuff
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The Creator Community is the photography/videography server you want to be a part of. You can expect to learn from pros like @jonsimo and @lucancoutts, learn skills you won't find anywhere else and enter contests with rad prizes. We're open to members from anywhere around the world - Join now!
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Movies and Filmmaking is the #1 movies discussion discord server. With a variety of community events, expanding community, and custom bots, this is the place to talk film. If you're a filmmaker, we also have opportunities and channels for you to discuss with professional filmmakers and others around
Entertainment | Social
Welcome to Discord Film Collective - a film-based discussion server for film buffs and newcomers alike. You can either converse with people in our general chats or participate in some of the server events to broaden your horizons. We aim to create a chill and comfortable atmosphere to encourage an in-depth discussion of film. We run several fun movie events to help discover new films, such as: - Weekly Movie Roulette - The Hit List - Movie Bender