Technology | Education
A discord for gamedevs, musicians, streamers, and artists.
Gaming | YouTuber
We are a Roblox community with Roblox YouTube tutorials, giveaways, and events!
Streaming | Gaming
Comunidad del Streamer Murcis_Luis
Community | YouTuber
Herzlich willkommen auf dem Server von Captain Angry!
Programming | Support
Developer Treff Discord
Programming | Gaming
We Create Games , Play Games , Share Ideas! Roblox Studio Building , Scripting , Modeling Tutorials!
Art | Support
Hello! This server is primarily focused on Digital art! We also have a traditional art channel for people who do or enjoy that. We have artists from all over the world in this cozy community, and we would like you to be a part of it! What we can offer: - Frequent art challenges and competitions - Constructive Criticism on your art to help you improve (if you don't want any then just let us know) - Resources, tutorials and tips, all free! - Lovely people who don't bite :) We also plan to do competitions with valuable prices and setting up our own bot with a good currency system for fun stuff. This Discord Server is based off the Facebook group Digital Artists Group. :)
Sports | Entertainment
Fun MLBTS community! MLBTS exhibition feature! Join today! RTTS, DD, and more!
Programming | Community
SECURITY TEAM Ever think that you are not secure and your data/info and everything else is not safe well We have a discord where we will be showing you how to Protect Your data Accounts Emails Ip address And everything you can think off We offer and show you Best Vpns Best Password Managers Best Programs to help pc How to fix Getting tracked and getting your data stolen/used and sold. Secure Email Managers Secure Browsers Secure Mobile MSG Applications Popular Browser Secure Addons Protection Against DDos/Dox Database leaks to see if you have been doxxed. 24/7 Support for help and info. Ways to check if your data has been leaked and ways to fix it. Join the Security Today <<<
Art | Gaming
[[ Espresso's Hangout ]] ART||ANIME ||GAMING||MUSIC∠( ᐛ ∠) Espresso's Hangout is a non-toxic friendly community on Discord that focuses on art and anime but also forging new friendships.
Financial | Support
Dedicated to resources for anyone who needs extra money, often in unusual ways. It's hard to make money - Especially if you're underage, abused, disabled, etc. Find free/discounted/cheap items, especially those you can make money from, along with plenty of tutorials for living cheaply and managing adulthood.
Community | Gaming
Battlefield Modding Community! A Discord server all about modding the Battlefield series. From Battlefield 1942 to Battlefield V!
Music | Hobbies
We help new and existing producers find new outlets to expand and grow as well as creating an environment for people to socially interact with other producers / music listeners.
Gaming | Hobbies
Xbox Live Achievement Save Community for sharing Game Saves that help make earning achivements easier for everyone!
Programming | Technology | Social
Code Workshop is a community of people learning and talking about programming. From web development to machine learning and robotics. A community for learning to code, or for experienced programmers developing new skills.
Community | Art
Our discord Community it is friendly and very helpful for art
Community | Gaming | Education
Want to learn or share survival tips? Want to be at least a little bit prepared when Sh*t Hits The Fan? We are a community server where you can find fellow survivalists, like-minded individuals who just want to be prepared, friendly /k/ommandos, weapons fanatics, pyromaniacs, and people from all over the world who want to make new friends. We have: - Channels for handbooks, manuals, tutorials, etc. - Music channels - Memes - Art channels - Gaming channels - Notsobot - And more! Anyone is allowed here, no matter your background or beliefs! Be sure to have fun, and stay safe :) DISCLAIMER: This server is intended purely for informational purposes only, and does in no way encourage or condone any illegal activity.