Art | Programming
To help in your procrastinating ways and bring a social aspect to those lonely tasks.
Gaming | Community
An amazing server for nerds and gamers a like.
Community | Programming
This is Tasker Profile Center server. Join us to keep in touch with Tasker users, share your projects, ask or help others... ;)
Business | Beliefs
Join today and collaborate on projects/business', make a change to society! Weekly podcasts and media posts.
Art | Hobbies
Animation Plantation is home to many talented, amateur, and even beginner animators! The server also includes voice actors and actresses, musicians, writers, and all types of artists! We encourage all forms of art, and we're dedicated to collaborating, giving tips, and helping each other out on projects. We also love playing games, eating junk food, and participating in contests! Age 13+ only!
Community | Gaming
Battlefield Modding Community! A Discord server all about modding the Battlefield series. From Battlefield 1942 to Battlefield V!
Technology | Programming
A community of electronics students, enthusiasts, professionals and all who like electronics! Come show us your creations, projects, and offer advice or ask advice from others.
Business | Gaming
Projekte Minecraft Roleplay Ranks
Political | Education
Forum Götterfunken (FG) is a hub for news, education, and discussion related to Europe and the European Union.
Growth | Hobbies
To you, gentleman/gentlewoman who is bored and doesn't know what to do! To you, visionary fellow who has too much to do and not enough hands! To you, lurker! WELCOME TO PROJECTOPIA! The place of your dreams where you can FINALLY ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING! (maybe you were already accomplishing but need a little help, or maybe you just want to tackle a new problem) - Do you have a project and need a hand? Feel free to recruit people here. You can expose your project (or the parts of it where you need help) so that people can see if they are interested and apply for the task. - Are you looking for something to do with your skills? Take a look at the ongoing projects and see if you can lend a hand. Talk to the project manager and convince them that you are the greatest most fitting person for the task!
Gaming | Social
a small town
we are a open art server we have little rules we have artist who can help you improve your skills we are a friendly art community and want to help improve your art and show your work there are art contest every month we have a question of the day pokecord with other fun things to do more will be added
Meme | Community
Perry the Platypus Cult, come worship with us (Or just chill, we're pretty cool people)
Programming | Technology | Social
Code Workshop is a community of people learning and talking about programming. From web development to machine learning and robotics. A community for learning to code, or for experienced programmers developing new skills.