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+ 🐍 If you have *just started* coding in Python 📈 or are at an *intermediate level* 🙏 this *Supportive Team* is for you! 👨‍🎓 We are offering *Ongoing Help* 🗣️ & *Weekly Coaching Calls*! 🔗 *Join Us* to help each other 💭 build our dream *Python Projects*! +
Technology | Programming
If you are a Windows XP, Vista or 7 user, you've found the right place! You'll find in here a community interested in old operating systems and software. We even make projects to keep software compatible, so come and check it out!
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An amazing server for nerds and gamers a like.
Language | Community
We're all about self-directed, project-based language learning. Every member has their own learning project. In addition, they can collaborate on others' projects, which helps the community stay engaged and committed to the cause.
Community | Programming
This is Tasker Profile Center server. Join us to keep in touch with Tasker users, share your projects, ask or help others... ;)
Business | Beliefs
Join today and collaborate on projects/business', make a change to society! Weekly podcasts and media posts.
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Battlefield Modding Community! A Discord server all about modding the Battlefield series. From Battlefield 1942 to Battlefield V!
Technology | Programming
A community of electronics students, enthusiasts, professionals and all who like electronics! Come show us your creations, projects, and offer advice or ask advice from others.
Political | Education
Forum Götterfunken (FG) is a hub for news, education, and discussion related to Europe and the European Union.
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a small town
Education | Community
We are people from around the world. Our goal, positively make the world a little nice. Though collaborative projects that help our neighbors, impact the environment, politics, teach good lessons and much more. No idea is to small. Let's do it!
Programming | Technology | Social
Code Workshop is a community of people learning and talking about programming. From web development to machine learning and robotics. A community for learning to code, or for experienced programmers developing new skills.
Business | Community

A place where Startup founders, Project owners & Early adopters can: - Tell the world about your projects - Find answers & share your knowledge with others - Find partners, contributors and Co-founders! - Develop your own network and project community We’re here to help you get started & evolve YOUR PROJECTS together with a powerful community of other founders, early-adopters and idea-driven contributors, and to look at all the cool projects you create.
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We are a community that strives to bring together like-minded students and young professionals in the field of tech in order to collaborate on projects of interest. We know how hard it can be to find people to help you with an awesome project idea, or maybe you just want to boost your portfolio with some impressive work to land that career job. This is the perfect place for you to meet, learn, and grow along with other people who're on the same exact journey as you!