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Social | Gaming | Community
🌀 My online family, maybe it can be yours too. 🌀 Medium-sized (1,000), 300+ Emojis, Daily Voice Chats, & Friendly Community.
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Social | Gaming | Community
🌀 My online family, maybe it can be yours too. 🌀 Medium-sized (1,000), 300+ Emojis, Daily Voice Chats, & Friendly Community.
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Gaming | YouTuber
We worship nuggets and spread the word of The Nugget Cult as we play FPS games such as Rainbow Six Siege and Call Of Duty. We host events and challenges for the community to partake in where they can win money and other prizes.
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Gaming | Entertainment
The official Discord server for the let's play / variety YouTube channel Totally Good at Games. Hosted by Alexander Emenheiser and Darren Leeds.
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Gaming | Community
A place to discuss challenges written for the various Sims games. Share blog entries. Ask Sims related questions.
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Gaming | eSports
Welcome to the Leter-Craft server! Started of as a Minecraft server and now gone BIG SCALE on all games!(such as Among Us) We host a lot of challenges on our Minecraft server in which you can win a lot of cool prizes such as: Custom Roles, Cash, Discord Nitro and a lot more! So why wait? Join us!
Finnmcmissle08 server Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Join my server now, we do a lot of gaming while chatting in this server for an example, Fortnite, Minecraft, PupG, Roblox, Apex, and a whole bunch more! we often do a lot of games and challenges in this server, and if u win, you will get a amazing giveaway prize. Everybody in this server is very friendly, they always welcome newcomers and make friends with them. Also in this server all your favourite Youtubers videos are featured in this channel encluding Pewdiepie! This server was ment for all of you guys to join and have fun, because once u join you'll never want to leave! :)
2025 Zombies Icon
Gaming | Community
A community of Call of Duty: Zombies players. We have LFG channels, daily challenges, and monthly tournaments.
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Hobbies | Gaming
JOIN our Discord to get early access to Powder - record, edit and share you best gaming clips
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Role-Playing | Art
This story is about cats… living in a terrible, deadly, uninviting world. An Apocalyptic one to be precise. All of them have lived their lives… sorrowful or jovial, cut short or lasting… but it has come to an end. All of you have died. But… to your surprise - you open your eyes once again, but do not find yourself in heaven, paradise or reborn… but in a dark void, with other cats just as confused as you, yourself. A creature then tells you that you cannot enter the afterlife. Why? … Because you are Half Spirited. In the end the creature makes a pact, if you and the others complete 5 trials and get to the end, you will be allowed to enter Paradise, but if you will not… then you will parish and nobody will even remember that you ever placed a paw on this wounded land. “It is now Your choice. Will you accept the challenge, mortal?”
Sims Server Icon
Gaming | Social
Sims Server Hi there~ Do you love Sims? Ever wanted to see what Sims is like? Ever wanted to find a server where the topic is about just Sims? Well your searching has now came to an end! This server is a sim related server where you can meet other people who also plays sims. In this server you can have fun and chat all about sims and more! - share your sims stories - introduce your sim mods -show people your sim creations and your own houses -Self assign-role -Partnerships -Staff roles There will be upcoming Sim Challenges! And we are thinking of having a giveaway! There are so many things you can do here so why not come and check us out! hope to see you there. WEEP WEEP ZING!~ https://discord.gg/uZBYVer
Fiphee's Art Server Icon
Art | Community
Dedicated fine art section, all other arts section, challenges, learning!
Plucked Giveaways! Icon
Community | Gaming
A giveaway focused server, with gaming, community challenges, and more! play for prizes or for fun in this cool server! why don't you stick around?
BHL Boosting on Modern warfare! Icon
Gaming | Community
Rank up unlock challenges unlock CAMOS guns
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Crypto | Gaming
🎮 NFT Gaming Marketplace powered by our utility NFT Collection SkinFlip Turtles 🐢
SkinFlip NFT Gaming Marketplace Large Banner
SkinFlip NFT Gaming Marketplace Icon
Crypto | Gaming
🎮 NFT Gaming Marketplace powered by our utility NFT Collection SkinFlip Turtles 🐢
addeecord Icon
Art | Social
Welcome to the Addee Cord! A place to share, create, and collobarte with other artists. Our discord members are always active! Come stop by!
Doodle Dudes Icon
Art | Design
A fun server, for socializing, and art sharing! We do weekly art challenges, and generally just have a good time motivating each other! Make sure to accept the rules, and set your roles when you join! ^-^
☣ toxicSynergy (https://txsn.uk) Icon
Community | Gaming
TXSN Discord: Engage in an intense team-based battle between two teams in gaming and discord related challenges and earn real money, join a community and find friends to game with, along with a lot more other benefits for joining us as a full member.
art collaborative and challenges Icon
Art | Entertainment
ART COLLABORATIVE AND CHALLENGES SERVER If you like drawing with your friends, playing some drawing guessing games or even challenging yourself to a Draw This In Your Style/Words To Art. Then the ACAC discord server is for you!!! ------------------------------------------- What we offer -Pronoun, color and event notification roles -Multiple events organized every week -A 100% sfw and safe environement -Easy to use bots -Idea submission commands -Daily art tips and sources ------------------------------------------- Our events -aggie.io : every Tuesday and Thursday -skribbl.io : every friday 7:00pm EST -DTIYS/WTA : every Sunday (we alternate between the two each week!) -Collaborations : hosted occasionally And much more unique events organised on occasions ------------------------------------------- visit our website for the invite link and more info!!! :https://acacserver.carrd.co/ server hosted by - Dr.Mike!#4816
/prod/ Icon
Music | Hobbies
The hangout spot for music production at all skill levels. Weekly Challenges, resources, and free samples!
SentenceCrafters Icon
Writing | Art
Sentence Crafters is a writing community that offers five community challenges and activites, with plans to add many more.
linux@pwn Icon
Technology | Programming
Want to learn linux commands? Join us! We've linux challenges that will help you learn everything all via discord! We have a full custom coded system, we are waiting for you!