Music | Community
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ eSound █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ We are a music community promoting talented artist! Also a community perfect for meeting new artist and producers 🎶 ———————————————————————————————————————————— 🎶 Things you can do 🎶 -Share your music -Collab with other artist and producers -Stay up to date on hiphop news and events -Buy and sell beats -Get feedback on your upcoming projects -Submit your music for a chance to be on our YouTube
Music | Community
This server is the perfect place for music producers and artists to find each other, collab and discuss all things music.
Music | Meme
The official Viper the Rapper Discord, Volume Seven, for bustlas and hustlas. Join for access to based Viper-related content including acapellas, instrumentals and parlayin for money...
Music | Community
EytoEyt Chief's Official Fan server!
Music | Writing
The Artist Room! Where rap artists, vocalists, producers, engineers, and graphical artists come about! Advertise your work, collaborate with other artists, make projects, and much more. There's so much talent waiting to be shared. Come join the general chat and say hello! See you there! gacy
Music | Entertainment
We are Hybrid Records i know your wondering what are we, Well we are a new starting Record Label that you can join and promote your Music!
Music | Community
🎵🌟Welcome to the Upside Collective🌟🎵 We are a group of Rappers, Producers, and Graphics Designers working together to grow! ✨Free Promotion for your music! ✨Connect with other talented artists! ✨Get your content featured by our A&R Team! ✨Friendly Community to gain feedback from! See you there! 😉
Music | Art
Rappers and producers, but mostly, a young rapper trying to make it big, join and make his dreams come true :)
Community | Gaming
Pings: @everyone @here Description: Active Growing, Social, Chill, Gaming, Hangout Chill nsfw/sfw Server. ◆👥Make friends!!!                                  ◆🎮Gaming/chill/active events/vc events/mini game nights/Memes/Anime/Games Nights ◆🎶Music Bots, mini game bots, lots of emojis/emotes ◆👨‍👩‍👧‍👦3 to 1 female ratio, that's right we don't lie about 1 to 1 ratio ◆🎬Active text chat/voice chat members ◆😈Minimal moderating, well mannered community, but no ugly people allowed, if you're offended by this, then you're ugly ◆📏Ur PP will not grow by 3 inches if you join ◆🙌NSFW there is a channel for that you weirdos ◆💪Are you a white knight but your princess/queen is in another castle (server) join us ◆👀Looking for PM's ◆link
Community | Music
Hello! This server is for the Peep Fans!!! It's all about peep here. If you feel like it come up.
Music | Community
The Official Music Discord by DAMAMAKE. Here you are able to: ⚫ Share your music (songs, beats, acapellas, sound designs, etc.) ⚫ Receive and give feedback ⚫ Self Promo / Show off your work! ⚫ Collaborate with members! ⚫ Learn tips and tricks of music production/theory! ⚫ Converse with like-minded creatives! ⚫ Have a great musical experience!