Music | Community
This server is the perfect place for music producers and artists to find each other, collab and discuss all things music.
Music | Meme
The official Viper the Rapper Discord, Volume Seven, for bustlas and hustlas. Join for access to based Viper-related content including acapellas, instrumentals and parlayin for money...
Music | Entertainment
We are Hybrid Records i know your wondering what are we, Well we are a new starting Record Label that you can join and promote your Music!
Music | Art
Rappers and producers, but mostly, a young rapper trying to make it big, join and make his dreams come true :)
Music | Community
The Official Music Discord by DAMAMAKE. Here you are able to: ⚫ Share your music (songs, beats, acapellas, sound designs, etc.) ⚫ Receive and give feedback ⚫ Self Promo / Show off your work! ⚫ Collaborate with members! ⚫ Learn tips and tricks of music production/theory! ⚫ Converse with like-minded creatives! ⚫ Have a great musical experience!
Music | YouTuber
A community of producers, singers, rappers and all the rest of them. This is a place for collabing aswell as giving and receiving advice from and to other musicians. Share this server with any musicians you know. We are looking for both beginners and professionals.
Music | Social
Drear hub is a server created for the purpose of bringing the Drear com all together and maybe even growing it to its full potential.
Music | YouTuber
A channel for an up incoming rapper were we post snippets and unreleased music. We put a lot of time into our server and are always online. our goal is 100 + members and a level 3 boosted server.
Music | Community
Sonic Sounds makes beats that SLAP. Join our new community support server to talk/collab/get feedback with other Rappers, Producers, and Audio Engineers! We host workshops, contests, and occasional giveaways!