Bienvenido a King Of The Freestyle! Este servidor se destaca en ayudar a crecer a otros usuarios en su contenido subido a las redes y hacer competencias sabados y domingos, Tambien contamos con un sistema de producción de musica online en lo que podrás grabar temas con personas de otros países. Aquellos que organizan competencias reciben puntos del servidor los cuales pueden utilizar para comprar producciones como : INSTRUMENTAL VIDEO LIRICA ESPECTRO DE AUDIO LOGO PERSONAL FLYER PARA COMPETENCIAS No somos la clase de servidor que esclaviza a los usuarios dandole roles inutiles o "DINERO FANTASMA" nuestros puntos son utilizados en producciones para ayudar a que los usuarios puedan crecer en contenido y musica. UNETE A KING OF THE FREESTYLE! y puedes promocionar tu contenido siempre y cuando respete las reglas del servidor
Saludos a todos aquellos que estén interesados en conocer freestylers y asistir a competencias (con sistema anti tongo implementado) en este servidor tenemos lo siguiente para ayudarte : TORNEOS ✅ SISTEMA DE PUNTOS AL DÍA ✅ SISTEMA DE VOTO POR PUNTOS Y SISTEMA ANTI TONGO ✅ CANAL DE TEXTO PARA PUBLICAR TU CONTENIDO DE YOUTUBE ✅ (no publicar otros servidores) ROLES BIEN ADMINISTRADOS ✅ REGIÓN EQUILIBRADA ✅ ENTRENAMIENTOS ✅ STAFF DEDICADO Y ADMINISTRADORESS INCORRUPTIBLES ✅
RLFS (Rocket League Freestyle Series) is a community-driven YouTube channel, who like to give people a chance in the spotlight on our YouTube channel. We professionally edit video's into compilations, edits and montages and your clip could be featured on our YouTube channel! If you think you have a clip worthy of submitting, feel free to send it in on our Discord server!
Box of Goodies is, at its core, a Danganronpa roleplaying server that takes place within a world known as "Euphoria". It's overruled by a handful of gods, known as the roleplayers, where the main ruler is a loli goddess called "Rebornica". Not just that but this roleplay is not Danganronpa exclusive. Characters from other mediums, such as shows, anime, games, or whatever else you like can be roleplayed here as well. Even OCs are accepted, whether they're Danganronpa related or not! We have several members on the server already and we'd love to have more! Don't be shy and come join us for a fun roleplay experience here in Box of Goodies!
Welcome to the East Side Motel. Check in and make rap, poetry, music, etc. Free speech in appropriate settings is allowed so you can say whatevers on your mind. Battle, freestyle, chill, ESM.
🎵🌟Welcome to the Upside Collective🌟🎵 We are a group of Rappers, Producers, and Graphics Designers working together to grow! ✨Free Promotion for your music! ✨Connect with other talented artists! ✨Get your content featured by our A&R Team! ✨Friendly Community to gain feedback from! See you there! 😉
Discord's #1 Hip-Hop Server | Pusha T is in here! | 30,000+ | Created by Kim#9999
Come Join One Of The Fastest Growing Discord Community For Rocket League: With Weekly Tournaments (prize pool), Competitive rank capped League play, 6 mans, and so very much more, Become a full time member and support your discord team and be rewarded for what you deserve, no short-term monetary gains, this is a full fledged long-term development into the big times! . Any platform welcome. Please we are looking for active members that love to play rocket league. We are also looking for additional staff members.