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Sub Rosa Underground is a gaming community focused on modded Sub Rosa events.
Music | Social
A server for fans of $uicideboy$ and G59. We are a friendly, tight knit community. New people are always welcome! We have roles, bots, a level up system and friendly active mods. Toxicity isn’t allowed here.
Social | Education
Talk about everything you are interested in!
Music | Community
A place to discuss anything to do with rock music, primarily alternative or underground rock, but any kind of rock is welcome.
Music | Meme
A server where we talk about shit in the underground. Come in and meet new people!
Music | Social
This place is meant to be a hub of music, art, and general chill talk. We welcome fellow artists of all sorts to collaborate. This place is also for fans of our works to gather and build a community.
Music | Social
Drear hub is a server created for the purpose of bringing the Drear com all together and maybe even growing it to its full potential.
Music | Community
The Official MATTE BLACK CLEAVER CØLLECTIVE discord. (come say hi or ur a bitch)