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We make music live and learn producers tips n tricks allong the way!
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DIGITAL GHOST ALLIANCE | Music Collaboration | Digital Media | 3D Art | Meta | Programming | Gaming | Bots | Over 1 year!
Music | Technology
Audius ( is a new decentralized & open-source evolution on Soundcloud that will forever be owned and controlled by its artists, fans, & developers, not a corporation or record labels. It is also the first platform built without the ability to ban your account or remove your tracks. Not to mention... - Highest audio quality of any free streaming platform at 320kbps - No storage limits, full metrics for all, and future artist tools - all free, forever - Discord where you can give feedback directly to the team, find collaborators and new followers, & take part in cyphers Join our Discord :-) We host regular beat battle cyphers in their server with cash prizes and our a super supportive community.
Music | Art
FL Gang is made for producers/artists/DJs to learn, collaborate, and share their music to the world!
Music | Community
This is the discord server for the two music producers RMC and Xeybay. We are a server for music producers where we talk about anything! All DAWs are welcome!
Music | Social
the best producer / rapper / musician discord out now! FL studio, ableton, logic pro, cubase, pro tools, all DAW inclusive producer and rapper community always ready to collaborate and chat join now for a warm welcome from the community
Music | Community
Join The Chill Spot on Discord, we're the first sample sharing community on Discord. We also offer a self promotion platform for new artists.
Art | Community
A community of artists and friends who love making music and videos. We love design, philosophy, and intellectual discussion. We provide a chill space where you can share whatever you would like, or learn from others. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your skill level or experience. All roles are equal and it is a fair society.
Music | Art
AZMC Society is a space of over 1,200 people for forward thinking musicians and music enthusiasts that give up and coming music a chance. Find others who are just like you!
Music | Hobbies
We help new and existing producers find new outlets to expand and grow as well as creating an environment for people to socially interact with other producers / music listeners.
Music | Education
onwrd is a public sever based on our actual music collective called"onwrdexclusive". It's meant for musicians and other creatives to collaborate, discuss, and have a good time!
Music | Gaming
Music promotion, producers, artist, edm, rap, dj, music.
Music | Growth
Spirit Sounds is hosted by people who want to promote not only themselves but mostly artists in EDM and/or also do releases to expose them more for others to see and for their fame to grow!