Server for musicians with an emphasis on songwriters. Find collaborators or get feedback before releasing your work! We have challenges throughout the year and highlight one artist per month. Join to attend the next challenge or potentially be our next artist of the month!

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Server for musicians with an emphasis on songwriters. Find collaborators or get feedback before releasing your work! We have challenges throughout the year and highlight one artist per month. Join to attend the next challenge or potentially be our next artist of the month!

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Songwriting Challenge: Ballad

The current event is a challenge to write over a ballad instrumental created by members who are producers in the previous challenge. Deadline for this challenge is February 10, 2021! If you are up for the challenge definitely join in and head to our #events channel for more information.

Christmas Themed Song

Current Challenge | Christmas Themed Song! The current challenge is a Christmas Themed Song. The winner will receive Discord Nitro as a gift. As not everyone knows how to mix and master that will not matter as much. The song will be voted on by all members, participant or not.

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