Music | Education
The General Music Community is the new Discord server for musicians, music enthusiasts or people who're interested in music! Join now!
Music | Social
We're a server for Classical pianists, people who want to get into classical music are also very welcome! -there are events like recitals sometimes -Movie nights <o/ -We offer practice rooms if you want to show off your skills ;)
Entertainment | Gaming
A Gaming and Music listening community
Music | Education
We are originally members of the r/classicalmusic subreddit. Musicians, enthusiasts and friendly folk are all welcome to join in discussion and sharing of classical music!
Music | Education
A server for analyzing and sharing compositions of others or your own, discussing music theory or instrument/voice technique, and asking questions about music in a more rigorous setting.
Music | Anime
Share music and chat with other music-boos.
Music | Art
Server dedicato agli appassionati di musica classica. A server dedicated to classical music lovers.