Music | Business
Dark Dragon Productions is an open community and professional coalition company of composers and musicians dedicated to producing expertly penned pieces and songs of music. Our genres of music include all forms of classical (western, eastern, modern, film scores & soundtracks), with folk, jazz, and
Music | Community
A server dedicated to anything that comes under the general term of 'Classical Music'. It is a new server so please do be patient with it.
Music | Social
The Music Sanctuary is, as the title says, a sanctuary for musicians (and artists of all kind) to relax and enjoy themselves! It also gives an opportunity to share your music with others and get honest feedback. Hope to see you soon! :)
Music | Social
This is the place where all types of musicians will get together and make beautiful music, as an orchestra, ensemble, band, etc.
Music | Role-Playing
This is the place where Violinists, Violists, Cellists, Bassists, and Harpists that can get together and make beautiful String Orchestra Music!
Anime | Music
This server was created to market on the classical and anime fan base because it's a huge market, people want their classical and anime . You will be able to share you favorite shows or songs with anyone, and speak with anyone that share similar interest as you, with of course have a meme section and a few gaming channels for all you mad lads.
Music | Social
Greetings everyone, we are a community of organists and enthusiasts hoping to expand your horizons by promoting an ancient and important instrument, the pipe organ.
Music | Community
Ever stressed from the daily obstacles of life? Looking for a community that can provide you love, comfort, recognition, and friends? Want some different beats? At Chilltopia, we can help you out! With genres such as tropical house, chillstep, classical, and new age, we can provide you slow and calm tracks to help you get through the day. As well, if you have any personal troubles, we're willing to listen and provide you some guidance to improve your life. Always know that your voice is equally as important as anyone else. Even if you're someone who has never heard of downtempo, ambient, or deep house, that shouldn't stop you from at least giving those genres a try checking out the server. We hope you can join our diverse and friendly community!
Music | Community
A great, loving classical music family!
Music | Meme
Hi! This server is for all music lovers if you want to spend sometime listening to music or play your music. We play random music or playlists, we play games like scribble or games similar to jackbox. You can play a game, read a book, do homework, relax, or use the internet while listening to music. All our bots and emojis are singers so come and have fun! Explore music or share your favorite songs!